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August 19, 2018
By Adaamarriz BRONZE, Compton, California
Adaamarriz BRONZE, Compton, California
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I’ve never been in love, until I met you

It was unordinary, literally out of the blue

Life wasn’t all that great, but then you came along

And I never felt utterly happy in so long

It took a while to get to know you, and I fell for everything I saw

I thought “He’s the one”, despite every unnoticed flaw

I seeked you for comfort and love

And I never doubted that you were my one true love

Your eyes were a nice shade of caramel brown, and your hair so soft like cotton

Your hugs so soft and warm, It was something I’ve never forgotten

Your kisses so warm that made me feel safe, and your soft smile

Id sit down and admire you, and couldn't help that one day with you Id walk down the aisle

I never thought it’d get complicated, I had so many insecurities

You'd try to ignore it, but still managed to help keep my securities

I was so focused on a future, and I didn’t realized it made you uneasy

And all this time I believed that you were on board, but the ride made you queasy

I’m a complicated person, but I risked much for you

You didn’t notice, and even though, my love still grew

People would say you weren’t the one for me

And I wouldn't listen, I lost friends, but I just let it be

A year meant a lot to me, given that nobody’s ever been with me that long

And everytime I’d see you, my heart will beat fast, and my love would become strong

You made me feel worthy and loved and beautiful and happy

I didn't think that soon i'd feel scrappy

I didn’t think we’d end, because I thought we were both strong no matter the obstacles

I didn’t think we’d disperse, like certain particles

You tore my heart apart, and the arteries did not find the courage to go on

As I cried, and wept, i took a quick glance, and notice you were gone

It's been three months since we departed, and I've made bad choices

It hasn't been a good ride, and all the emptiness returned, no more rejoices

My heart and my brain still miss you, sadly

And I never thought I'd go through a breakup this badly

Nevertheless, I cherished all we did, and took this as a great opportunity

I really didn't see this as a great impunity

I love you, and I let you go

And I will wait for when it is time, to meet my one and only beau

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