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Wanna Run Away
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I wanna run away with you I wanna feel the warmth of the sun. I can grab the keys right now And just hit the road. We can drive to the south Or the west or the east. We can taste the oceans Or the dust of Texas. I just wanna run away... (more »)
S.W.A.G. (She Wants A Gentleman)
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Shush, you don't have to say a word, What you're about to say is everything I've already heard. I'ma take you by the hand and lead you to the club, You can dance on me while the music bounces from the sub. I rock these Jordan's, got that air... (more »)
Not An Ordinary Girl
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Verse 1: You say we're just ordinary girls, we can't save the world. Please just give me a chance, I will try. I know what you think, if me. Please just believe. Chorus: I'm not an ordinary girl, I can do anything. If I try, I know I can prove... (more »)
Chapter Three: Home
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Upon Arrival my heart stopped beating Because the glory before me was bleeding My heart, molded like clay into a timeless clock, is now rendered to never Stop An oppression lays heavy like a blanket made of lead Since before time my soul... (more »)
Pain-Tune of Halo
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You never noticed me   or the person I chose to be   sitting down on the sidewalk   with the rain pouring down   hoping you'd let me in   and now   you never will   realize I'm the one   who won't break... (more »)
No, I Can't Know
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When the tide washes in and steals your youth, And the lights all dim, I want to be there. When your bones break and your lips crack, And your eyes are heavy, I want to be there. When you smile and they all smile back, And you feel... (more »)
The Headlight Game
By , Midland, MI
The night sky can't see the stars cause she's in too deep yeah she's in too far   The headlights they shine so bright until they fade away into the night   He leaves her for the first time He leaves her going out of her... (more »)
No Priority
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I was standing in your line asking for your time since you only think about me on occassions When you finally called my name your face was full of shame as if I just made a worser situation, I thought we were friends How could this be... (more »)
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love yourself the way you are until you die . dont care what people say or think of u . friends not always friends . this is what friends means to me : f:ight for you                                 r:espect you       ... (more »)
The Age of The Triangle: An Ode to Hipster...
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oh oh you hipster gurls riding bikes are oh so in you got your high waist shorts cat eye glasses and I bet you eat vegan am I right? you watch your hipster shows current tv and skins uk daria my so-called life party all night long post nebulon... (more »)
Better Now
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So here's how it all ends I wish I never dreamt of this But lately it's all I dream about So here it goes On this paper I'll write everything down Ohh I won't keep anymore secrets How could I now? There all just spilling out And nothing... (more »)
Not a love song
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If you're here now will you be there fifteen years from now when I'm in my grave Because I'm alone and I need you I think there's something here It's something in you I've never seen it before Maybe you're what I need To get me outta my... (more »)
Camel Heart Howbout
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I can still smell your perfume It's giving me a headache Its noxious and robust Like my off pace heart It's just this weird apex I am my body's reject I am the foreman in my own case We find me guilty, guilty SSRI is four pretty letters... (more »)
Help me (I fell in love)
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I love him. Sometimes I don't. What am I saying? I love him. I'm so confused...... I fell in love with him. Not the starry look in his eye kind of fairytale. A heartfelt love. A love for a personality. A love for a future together........ He... (more »)
Shaky Hands and Shaky Knees
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Shaky hands and shaky knees, carried the cross to where my Savior died for me. Broken lives, and lives lost, crown of thorns was the cost. Nails through His wrists, blood on the ground, tear-stained faces dotting the crowd. He... (more »)
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Set Free
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A walk on the beach with the moon shining down on me That's what I want Dancing through fields with a breeze on me Yeah, that's what I want   But how I live on it's the opposite I'm a bird in a cage, wanting to fly Why do you... (more »)
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