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It's Over
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Yeah, it’s messed up When I get up And I’m handcuffed to you Like I’ve always been And I’m wishin’ It was different That I’ll wake up soon ‘Cause I’m just dreamin’ So I push and I pull And I yell and I scream And then... (more »)
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from the time we started i just wondered on and on and on without my single song i just kept it all in side wile you my love just left me out burned and now alone at last my sorrow past has kept me up and put me down because i left with out a word... (more »)
Losing me and my heart
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Tonight again,can you hear me say The truth is here,let me give it away You gave me love,then you gave me pain But you now what,am over your name. Cuz people like you might come and go But every that time I love me more I will smile,no... (more »)
Fly Forever
O fly beautiful flag, Let the wind through your holes, Let not reality yourself drag Over the innocent souls. O land of the free, The prison companies hold their assets, The rightful American property “Give me your tired, your poor,... (more »)
By , Payson, UT
Honestly, it's hard to believe You think someone like you isn't good enough for me. You have no idea the power you hold. Girl, you're strong, you're caring, you're beautiful! Truly, you are more than you think.... (more »)
Get Out
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How much fun did you have, Screwing with the emotions inside my head? I trusted you, I permitted you, Hoping I wouldn't get betrayed like past times. You said you were different and so I gave it a chance, Turns out you're just like... (more »)
The shadow of my past
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It's days like this I wish that I, wish that I had brought a gun, It's days like this I wish that I, wish that I could duck and run, Every one I have chanced upon, resents me in some way, Or turns their back and leaves me cold and... (more »)
Such Sacrifices as These (Parts 1,2 & 3)
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(Part One, Enmity) Brighter than light, Quickening flight, To enemy hands you fall, The thrill of the speed, Yet you begin to bleed, In enemy hands you fall, With wind to their backs, And bones that can crack, To enemy hands they... (more »)
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I think maybe life is hard You break your bones, bruises and scars I think maybe life is easy Chocolate milk mixed with Wheaties I think maybe love is hard You break your heart and fall to hard I think maybe love is easy Kisses sweet and... (more »)
Let Us Go
By , Sacramento, CA
The clock on the wall says 3:15 Not a backpack to be seen a classroom of isolation and it looks like we are free the teachers shouting cuz they can't keep us inside couldn't keep us inside heaven knows they tried Don't... (more »)
The Odyssey
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Trapped on an island, can’t you see? Chains only burning mildly Miles from home, but honestly I’m living out an odyssey Maze of your ways is serpentine Lysed, yes it is, this heart of mine Labyrinth’s a tale of heroes past Will my... (more »)
I scream from the rooftops Hoping you'd hear me But again you turn and walk away Making me feel so alone, in the dark You said you liked me But obviously, It was just another lie Another lie These games make me sad Wondering... (more »)
Your Ghost
By , mifflin, PA
89, 572 seconds have passed since i last spoke to you i find myself counting the seconds away hoping that one might get by me.. i know oh oh i should have listened to what i was told oh but i'm cold and it is getting old, how... (more »)
I'm not a psychopath I'm a sociopath
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I wake up screaming It was the same damn nightmare Where I am holding hands And look to her but she isn't there And every time I close my eyes I see that pretty smile Sharp like a shark tooth Cutting into me Laughing and pointing And... (more »)
"A Beautiful Mess"
By , Loysville, PA
Looking in the mirror with nothing to see, Unless you count the insecurities. All you see is a mess in the mirror. Who knew discovering yourself could be such a terror? You can see it in your eyes; all the pain you have been through, From the... (more »)
Inspired by Invictus This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The mammoth mountain looms ahead, Spitting wind, ice, and some fire. But I gaze past the slopes dyed red On the Elysium I desire. The beating heart of Tartarus Goads me to scurry up the slope. But I am my own impetus, Within me burn... (more »)
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