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Just a Figment (Imagination)
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I begin to doubt creation When even my imagination Stumbles off the deep end a bit too far Then I go to pull it back and scold it out and cover my tracks Just to protect my false-believing glass heart   My sanity hung by a... (more »)
Broken Home
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I need some tips On how I’m supposed to do this I need some advice But there’s nothing written in the sky God turns away Every single day How am I supposed to go on? All I know Is a broken home Can someone please show me the road... (more »)
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Politically Piped
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Cheap sales of inefficient liquids Keep my inventory organized and listed Im gifted, in sales and know everything of caution If I wasn't I would have to put up lil bro for adoption Brother, Mother Sister they all need support To help them... (more »)
Once Again
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Watching you stand all alone With sorrow raining down Tears me apart It feels like once again In the past there were words There was a relationship But it died out one day But today feels like once again Your eyes filled with defeat... (more »)
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I once believed, That someday, I’d be received, There’s some way, That I love my life, More than I hate it, Show me with strife, Meanwhile I felt my heart split, And multiply, To love you more, So simplify, I’m way too sure,... (more »)
Something that Happened
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Today, Starting fresh and clean, Said hey, You seem cool, I mean, You seem like a nice pal, See him walk away smiling, Come across one fine gal, See her leave without bristling, You go home and lose the smile, You go to the bathroom,... (more »)
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You took it by the hand and let it go Falling into life of despair. Are you unaware or do you just not- care. You picked and pocked at life to be? Not knowing or caring for what's left waiting. Are you unaware or do you just not care... (more »)
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I know they say that life gets better And the see our hearts together But they don’t see the broken parts of me Living in a broken home I’m praying for an empty soul And I finally believe that it’s all a conspiracy Sitting in a... (more »)
Heavy Heavy Heart Song
By , Salt Lake City, UT
A spiritual fire crack, spark, then light her a vision inside of my skull, hold it tighter a poetic, forensic, assessment of my heart the chalk lines show no sign of struggle or violence it's almost as if it was ripped right from my chest... (more »)
The other side of the tracks
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Bang there’s the gun shooting away Every time I wake up I pray to see another day Some people come from royalty Where I come from there is no love and loyalty Police sirens going off on the block Police are firing gun shot’s Yelling and... (more »)
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What have you got deep in your mind? what are the thoughts you think to hide? Sharing might be so freeing, youll find. intagible is the human kind, but coversation pass in time as words drip from mouths, from mouths to life. theres... (more »)
By , battle creek, MI
Here to talk about how I feel I feel like we are treated differently as if the earth was segregated down the middle. My mind’s been go crazy No way to cope and No possible way to deal with these emotions alone AHHH Can't take it.... (more »)
The Feeling
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Verse 1: I saw you moving that night On the dance floor You put my mind into a blitz And gave me feelings I never had before You gave me your name and I gave you mine Then you held my hand and it was divine Prechorus: We started to... (more »)
Stand Below
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I already get it you regret it Heat of the moment went into your skull, A lull, of the mind don’t sweat it I remember my time Late december in the prime A moment so tense i needed to rewind across from the  police station, deep in... (more »)
Reality at its Finest
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My fingers bleed from writing From bright to black Change the lighting For you are nobody In hell I wait In the wicked lobby Karma sucks, freaking fate Tell me, do you believe In destiny? I do, for I am here Alex, rest in peace... (more »)
I Did This (Short Version)
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I think back sometimes to the things that I did The people I've hurt, the doors I've broke down The pain in their eyes from their jaw contacts a fist The echoing from a skull slamming into the ground The mothers who had to care for their... (more »)
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