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Read The Finish Line (edit 2)
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He's a boy  With a Dad Just like everyone else She's a girl With a dream Tryin' to make a life for herself They talk off and on Life gets in the way But they keep tryin' each passin' day   The don't have much in common... (more »)
Hearts In Hands
(Verse 1) What makes you and me…  Is an unknown idiom. I am who I am and you are who you are, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for us. I am finding it hard to see, You without me. (Chorus) You’ve been with me, Every... (more »)
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The moon is reflected across the sea And nobody but me is in sight When the waves in the ocean ramp, And I'm in the moonlight If the thoughts are about me, I fly after them, Feels almost weightless The horizon is wider than the sea... (more »)
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And once again In between comes this melody In my ear and between here, and the last note from my thoughts to you Ladadadada dadada Silently they pick at me I won't overcome them And I wonder why they turn in circles And are all about... (more »)
Head Above the Water
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I'm drowning but I'll try to Keep my head above the water Just a little longer I can't breathe but I can do this- I need to The currents drag me down, the tides swallow me whole The sirens laugh at my demise Keep my head above the... (more »)
Heart in the Sea
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Once there was a girl Who loved so much she gave pieces of her heart away But the world is cruel, The world is mean, And they didn't care how broken she would be   So she ran with her heart, Locked in a chest, Swallowed the key... (more »)
Almost 16
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Verse 1: Hey whats up? How’s it going? How is your life? You turned these questions back around to me, You want me to say I am doing just fine, Well baby that is all alright, But just note, It is also a lie, How am I supposed to feel?... (more »)
I Still Can't Replace You
(Chorus) Can’t seem to replace you, and I… Wanna hold you but I can’t bring myself... To, there you are sliding on my bedroom door I, Never want to replace you, and I’m not sure I could. Quarter past noon, and I’m… Selling... (more »)
(Intro) Please, Deceive, Let me come… Home. Ahh-ah-ah   (Verse 1) I don’t see these golden gates, Home? Where are my angel wings? Mm-Nmh,   (Chorus) Cast me down let it rain; Spine cracks, sternum breaks… Let me come... (more »)
Be My Forevermore
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I feel like I'm lost and blue I can see the stars, see the stars And each and every  full moon! The universe is unclear, so don't be ordinary; We will survive As long as your here to stay; And it all started with a kiss... A fire is... (more »)
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Been stuck in a dream my whole life Wanted to be the chosen one When in reality My enemies have already won Why do I try? Why do I live in delusions? In millions of illusions? They told me I could be anything But this feeling... (more »)
If You Must Know
(Verse 1) I’m not just a pretty face, No! Underneath, I have scars just like everyone else, I’m crushed, broken, bruised Hammered into the ground Populations walk all over me like dirty gum. These people try to put you down Or spit... (more »)
I Choose You This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Why do we have to hide it? You know we just can't deny it. Not this. Keeping it inside, how we feel, Ain't nobody gonna tell us it ain't real. 'Cause it is. We can't tell the world because they won't understand, I wish I could take us... (more »)
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Don't cut your wrist Don't cut your thighs Put the lighter down my love Pull up your sleeves and show the world your still alive Go have some dinner Darling your worth it Please listen to me baby Stop your crying and dry your eyes Put... (more »)
Ode to The Shining
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Empty hallways have their stories So do portraits on the wall We get so caught up in the past, it's hard to remember it all Every person with the life they carry in a leather trunk All the memories set free when it's opened up   And... (more »)
Run back
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     (Verse 1) Legit everyday since i haven’t posted i’ve been thinking about life and tried and bring good vibes everyone all around me including myself but i’ve been up and down but come back around i feel... (more »)
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