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Close tour eyes, take my hand. I'll be there when you need a friend. Now your there and I am here. We are both struck by fear. What to do, Where to go, these are things i used t know. When i was here, when it was my home. Now we are separated... (more »)
Suns Go Down
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Watching suns go down at paisley noon lying, waiting for the milky moon Shallow breathing names in the tree sitting quiet with a memory   do do do do do do do do do   This lonely child's been wishing for you on shooting stars... (more »)
Can't Be Moved
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Lying here on these cold days Shallow air around me sways Sometimes you need to be seen Fire fire burning bright, extinguished by judgemental light Sometimes you need to be heard They run me through Nothing to do I press on, I press on... (more »)
My H2O
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Chorus: You were my H20, my oxygen You were the heart beating in my chest. It’s my fault, Never fall in love with someone who cheats. It’s my fault, Never fall in love with someone who lies So much time, but turns out you were... (more »)
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Me and you the only two that lovers can't forget.   We were here and we were there but none can do us part.   Chorus: We go through everything. The pain, it hurts and the blasting fireworks. Everytime we kiss I feel... (more »)
Times Ticking
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Iv Been Waiting Waiting For You To Notice Me Clocks Ticking You Better Be Hurrying Like Alice In Wonderland Chasing The Rabbit That Was Me And You Times Almost Up Not Going To Wait Much Longer The Clock Has Stopped (more »)
Back to Me
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I didn't see it come, And I didn't know where I'd be. I was changing to who you wanted me to become. But now I am back to me. I let you see a side that nobody else has seen, Then you left me with the debris. I used to sparkle, now I... (more »)
Always Be in My Heart
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Learning through the years The very best friends of mine Through the joy and all the tears I've been so inspired by you, though we're seperated by time.   Cause I press play and you're all still here. I hear your voices and I feel... (more »)
Fat & Lazy
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Sittin' with my bag of chips and layin' on my bed Got nothin' to do today, playin' music in my head Won't be doin' chores today 'cause that is what I dread Have a movie marathon from those books that I read   Because I'm fat and lazy,... (more »)
How To Smoke A Cigarette Without Slitting Your...
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I looked into the mirror and vomitted. A makeshift image that was unidentifyable because of broken glass, If you know me, It was me.   I look like shame and I feel like anger, I hold the spade that will excavate my grave, I am as... (more »)
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INTRO:     three cheers for the teen years                 they should have been the best time                 but these four years only brought me tears                 I've been lonely the... (more »)
My Story
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I’ve broken myself (falling in a dream world) Let me go astray (screaming, screaming for you) I’ve let myself leave Me in a paradise of my own misery I’m feeling hollow (broken down and dreaming) Feel like giving up (don’t let go)... (more »)
Return To January
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It's so good to see that you're happy, Bright smile, a great guy, tell me, is he? I can't wait to meet him. You're doing great, beginning to cheer again, You text me every now and then. You're keeping distance and I understand. 'Cause on... (more »)
Here I Lie (Farewell, Goodbye)
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Warm sunday morning A time for nobody’s receiving It was a time for mourning in the grief for my leaving The grave is dug four feet deep in the honor of the common name There is flag flying high over me the guitar still looks the same... (more »)
Your Superhero
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Watch the sun rise up once more, Notice your phone still goes to voicemail. It's so harder than before, You're lying on the floor, Gasping for air to inhale. Locked up in the bathroom, The water running so nobody can hear you. You're... (more »)
Song To Sing
Here I am alone In the dark I want My Life to Light Up with a spark. My presence turned into silence all around All these people trying to bring me down.   I am here in the world where everyone hates me  I wish I could turn this... (more »)
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