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It's Not Love It's Suicide
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I wanna spend the night with you We could do what you want to But I know your love's like poision I know your heart's just a loaded gun   I still have dreams about us I wake up scared because you're dangerous I don't wanna have to... (more »)
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I don't know my lines I have lost the script I don't know what words to say I have lost my voice today   Look at all the lights D*mn, you're such a pretty sight I think that I am healing My heart, that's what you're stealing... (more »)
Song in Ink This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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After a night on the rink, he wrote a song in ink. He knew he should let it go ‘cause it stink, but you call me back with that wink. One week she’ll talk to him about her drama, and she’ll say “meet my mama.” Next week he’s... (more »)
Deep Breath
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Does it matter if it matters? Honestly, 'cause I've been clawing at these blank walls, Wishin' for someone to leave a prank call, Really, you were all great, Y'all, But it's time we finally ended. Time we finally closed those books, Time... (more »)
The Light Beyond
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Do not fear the light beyond Fear is darkness, light is strong Our great souls to him belong Do not fear the light beyond Those who follow, will not stray He will show them the guiding way Low the darkness in shining ray They will halt... (more »)
Hazy Jade
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All my life, she has been right there Sitting in the shade She was so heavenly and fair As her brain cells began to fade Hanging with the wrong crowd, Our love could never be Hidden by a thick cloud She was more focused on burning trees... (more »)
There is a Girl in my Room
By , Henderson, NC
There is a girl in my room. She sits alone on the bed, silent tears rolling down her face, painful thoughts running through her head. In the morning, the girl is replaced By a bright eyed girl with A smile on her face. No one has seen... (more »)
The Cure
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I used to hope and pray for you; But wishes don't always come true; I was all alone; And then it all changed when I met you.   I know the cure to heal my heart; But it's not here with you; I am running back; To the girl I used... (more »)
Pushing and Pulling
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(Verse 1) They tell me To be as perfect As perfect As perfect As you can be They say Study Right Do everything you can They say hold on tight Don’t stress yourself out And they keep (Chorus) Pushing Pushing Pulling me In... (more »)
Growth This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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I watch the world pass Observed but stationary I bear the weight of all The growth that I must carry I’ve lived through many wars Without any choice to parry Hated and loved alike Their growth that I must carry The fuel... (more »)
Both Sides of Me
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You think that you know all of me, But you've got it all wrong. Just like that favorite playlist, I am more than just one song. You only see one side of me, You only hear one tune. You've never seen the tragedies To... (more »)
By , Pueblo West, CO
Call me lil snickers bc you know I got the bars I’ll take you through the Milky Way but first well stop by mars I know protein bars will give me a recharge but I’d still prefer the king size kit Kat…large Bars on fire like everyday in... (more »)
the wood
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the sun once shone the trees once stood there once was light inside the wood and through the acres night and day the boy went out to leave the gray   the waterbanks were fresh and clear he swam the river void of fear... (more »)
come through.
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gotta get out these words of truth, ‘cause I’ve been blind, but now I’m trying. can’t you see, all the times you’ve hurt me but time goes on, can’t feel my breathing. and just when we think we’ve healed everything, we go all... (more »)
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Your Wonderland is failing The hatter's in tatters The rabbits gone rabid Hearts has her crown Cheshire has vanished Jabberwock has gone amok Oh Alice..... You must save your WOOOOONNNNDDDDDDEERRRLAND This land your in is full of magic It... (more »)
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Deep down in the depths of my heart I would put on an act to keep myself from breaking apart Till eventually the day came where I couldn’t see “me” I got lost in my heart on the verge of falling apart I got only one... (more »)
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