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Lasting forever- Memories
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Unlike the events that happen and go, Memories of them, friends or foe, Etched in your mind eternity, You can play and play them and brood for infinity. Come, think of a time when for you, Future was bleak, hopes were blue. Or when... (more »)
Headed to the Bottom
By , groton, CT
It seems like the sky is crashing down. Rain drops all around me. In the middle of no where. Leaving everything behind me. And it always rains at night. But I can see where I'm going. There is fog on the forest floor. But my... (more »)
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Your love
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The relationship was a blast and we both forgot about the past For first month and a half everybody believed it would last But in the end it started falling apart and then you left me in the dark And you made me feel like i lost a vital part... (more »)
Fairy Tale
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You can come over Talk it up like you're a big deal But I'm not buying what you're selling You're wasting your time Using your lines On me   This ain't the time or place Ain't a castle in a kingdom I'm not a princess in a... (more »)
Thank You Mother
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Thank you mother for laboring to bring me to this earth, Mother, thank you for giving birth, Teaching me how to speak my first words, Supporting me as I take my first steps, Giving me food and a roof over my head, Shoes on my feet and... (more »)
Summer Night
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Halfway through the month of June, I put on a song and watched you swoon. Your parents never knew I was in your bedroom, We watched the stars outside your window along with the moon. A summer breeze, a kiss on the cheek, From head to toe,... (more »)
Made Me Whole
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All life you created Sings songs, I have waited For your glory to shine Your grace it surrounds me In awe of your glory Worthy King, you are mine Arms lifted high I give you my life Lord, I am seeking your face You're the king above... (more »)
What is Beauty?
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People say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder But some girls don't get that until they're older And I think it's a shame, I mean every lady's a star Whatever happened to girls being who they are? It's not about big prime... (more »)
Like The Rain
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Chorus: You make my heart beat like the rain I know that that may sound insane  You make my heart beat like the rain You know I've never been the same Oh, you make my heart beat like the rain   Verse 1: I see you one day... (more »)
Mixed Heart
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Open up your eyes, Look into your soul, It’s made of coal that’s frozen solid. Everything you touch you freeze it alive, Then set it on fire leave it smokin’. Hearts are tokens, easy stolen, put them in a game Win or lose you never... (more »)
S.B.M.O (Stuck But Moving On)
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I used to have love. For real. She was all I ever cared about. I tried to treat her like a queen everyday. Cause i knew treat something right you'll lose it forever. I couldn't wait to get to school. Just hearing her voice would put me in... (more »)
A Lost Love
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The winters are always bleak Left alone, I sit here weak Someone save me from this dark cave Where hours upon desolate hours I lay One eye spots vast fields Of bliss and free white doves Then both eyes began to cloud With the bitter... (more »)
Pretend it doesn't sting
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I loved you with all my heart. But you let the rumors tear us apart. Oh, and the pain is unbarrable. You only see my flaws. You put my whole life on pause. Yeah, you never cared about me, but I was to blind to see. Oh, you never loved me. You... (more »)
Hello, Goodbye
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It's my fault, we both can agree, So let's get back to what we used to be. I made a few mistakes, I dropped you hard, But despite everything, you too broke my heart. I'm patiently waiting for you to come around, A text every so often, but I... (more »)
Ode to my bed
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O my cozy pink canopy bed You are like my very close friend When I am grey and sad You are the only one To give me warm hugs And make me feel good again In those lonely long nights You give me strength I can tell you my secrets And the... (more »)
Home Free
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did you ever run away when you were a kid i'm twenty-one and yesterday i finally did goodbye worries goodbye cares my soul is happy, i don't care about theirs i'm home free   took a long time but i finally made it oh how the... (more »)
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