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Here are the most recent song lyrics:

Gospel Word
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It's at night I travel, another world I see. A world beyond imagination for the condemned, like you and me. We're separate fools with no guidance to the great I Am. I need another dose of the word of the lamb. You see, the light really does shine... (more »)
Christmas Vacation
There are blue flashing lights in the window. There are blue flashing lights in the window. Uncle Tom cussed out Mom and got beat like a drum. And we’re trying to determine where the first shot came from. Oh what a Christmas vacation.... (more »)
$3.99 Bagels
I think I’m a little addicted to ads I think that’s bad but today I was sitting and staring at the paper trying to resist But I ended up grabbing it anyway and as I turned the pages I came across… $3.99 bagels I quickly grabbed... (more »)
heavens angel
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Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Did it hurt when i broke your heart? I giggle when were together and I cry when were apart...   Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? My heart is in such pain... When will I see you again? (more »)
Glass Box
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Today is the day To escape Oh I can't wait anymore Oh   Breaking the glass Setting myself free Shards make me bleed Can't take the pain anymore On my knees Cutting the demons out Breaking the glass I must get out of... (more »)
How Lucky of Me
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You can take the world from me Feel free to leave me empty I’ll barely have a heart beating How lucky of me I’ll walk myself down the shore Hold my own hand and more Show myself a good time Kiss my own lips goodnight I’ll cry... (more »)
Life Will Give
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Life will give While people take And tears will fall While hearts will break A picture on the wall Is all it becomes Another memory gone With the setting sun Separate roads Different places Each with stories And each with faces Not... (more »)
If One Day
Friendship means understanding not agreement. it means forgiveness not forgetting   I’ve been walked on, used and forgotten and I don’t regret one moment of it, because in those moments I’ve learned a lot, I’ve learned who I... (more »)
I'm fine
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hey there courtney how are you today i know that you don't miss me know that i will be okay if you would listen just to give me a chance to say that i'm gone   hey there jacque i hope you're doing fine if you still don't miss... (more »)
Novocain Stain
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With Video games spread across my room I stared at the TV on the shelf Changing through lives as I please   I don't think it shows   Papers pile up Good and bad I've developed a horrible habit   With fear and fascination  ... (more »)
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Been a month already, Time is flying by. My heartbeat is steady, Only became irregular when you said goodbye. I thought it was just pretend, You always tried to pull this on me. Never realized we would end, My eyes were closed and I... (more »)
A Revelation
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When childhood dropped The world became a box A set forward straight line Of disappointment and shock Never knowing what I was Being taught mistakes of love Only to hide in the dark And experience the shun Walking away from ignorance... (more »)
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I saw him make so many mistakes That broke her into pieces And I remember you promised She would never again be mistreated And she wanted to believe That you’d never break that vow These days she worries when you leave And what you’re... (more »)
You're Not The One Who (Words)
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You're not the one who Sees heer all alone You're not the one who Makes her throw her phone You're not the one who Makes blade touch skin You're not the one who Lets the demons win There are many nonsense words in her brain... (more »)
Let Me In
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Let me in Please, darling Your not the only soul lost in this big big world So, let me in I am here for you I’ll always be right by your side Call me when you hear the voice Draining your ears Let me in Let me take care of you Let... (more »)
You Kick. I Scratch.
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I'd be lying if I never said I loved you. I've been trying to forget you since the day I met you.   How cliche?   Your words that seep like honey warp my ears to see your truth   The falseness in every truth   Every "truth"... (more »)
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