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The Sky
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Where do you go when you die, Do you turn into a bird, Will I be able to fly. What's the deal Can god really feel what I feel, Is life even real, It's so blue up there And were able to breathe all this air. What's makes... (more »)
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Verse 1: I made up a wonderland of things i could be now I'm scared its all empty dreams do you know what it feels like to feel the earth move but you dont move at all The light is taken from your eyes Chorus: Stop can you hear that the... (more »)
Titanium Gold
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Am I supposed to be unbreakable? Am I supposed to be fearless? Do you expect no tears? Is that what you think makes me titanium gold? Guess what. I break! I fall! I cry and I lose my way sometimes. What makes me titanium gold is that I... (more »)
Inverse Indignation
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Standing up for what you believe Is becoming harder than what it should be But looking at the world today I shouldn’t be so surprised, If you don’t wanna fight- join in Even if it’s just plain out sin The future is where revolutions... (more »)
Young Blood
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Daddy’s drinking on the corner of the street Mum hasn’t spoken all day, all week Nana’s too afraid of what she might not say Granddad’s lonely, the old man can only pray... ...that the boys, from down the road Cry in time to a... (more »)
Words Of The Air
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Words of the air You're bringing me down I guess you're not there, My prayer's unfound Do you even care For my false hope Is scattered in vain, But yet they still stay... And yet I still say, There is tomorrow No more deception,... (more »)
My Hero
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I wanna leave a mark or light a spark With my time on the earth I wanna leave a light, maybe save the life Of someone who hurts Try to make my way, make someone's day Better than before Touch someone's heart, not break apart From... (more »)
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Sing a little song, Move your body a little, Get that body flowing like a river, Going down like a waterfall, Your movements bursting like a dam, Now's not the time,  to be deep as the ocean, Be free as an island,... (more »)
My Lyrics to Colin Frake - Thomas Bergersen 2014
0:23 - I am weak, but i keep on fighting I know I'll lose, but then I will try again Why persist, I'm fighting and losing, When I am strong I'll get up and fight again   1:23 - Sometimes I'm afraid, but now I am strong again, I will... (more »)
My Lyrics to Noble Maiden Fair (A Mhaighdean...
  I was strong, I was free Like a bird, I could see, But distant hills, cold and bleak, Have frozen in my sight My wings are frozen, light is rare, I cannot see, my chains ensnare Here is dark, no more light Give me... (more »)
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I have reached out to the sky oh little cloud take my hand and pull me up high letting my feet escape…from the white sand then hold me very close cause I have no plans to return so let the pressure go down allowing my fever to rise…I... (more »)
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I think I have a problem with me I’m not smart enough to solve it yet Wish I could be I think I have a problem with you Could be that we’re together But I don’t know how to end it When I love you The way that I do And I need you... (more »)
Ms, Toni
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This love is eating me away so much pain it's hard for me to say will you love me, I don't know it is hard for me to show that I love you so but we're friends and it is too much for me to ask. I'll just have to pass I would... (more »)
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It forces you to reflect about things you wish to forget. It swallows you whole, and you drown in its soul. Silence is full of regret. You beg for repentance, but the silence refuses to listen. Its sound overrules your voice, and you... (more »)
Lesson Learned
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They say they're your friends So you grow close, share jokes Even if someone like that ain't cool with your folks   Then they'll share your secrets with the world and everything seems to come crashing down, there's nothing else that... (more »)
No Love Like Yours
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(Chorus) There is no love, like your love.  There is no love, like your love. There is not love, without your love.   Verse 1 These long days pass easily because you know just how to speak to me. Just how to listen to me. You... (more »)
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