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Here are the most recent song lyrics:

The Nightmare That Came True
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I had a dream. We were alive, Except for one young man, He was dying inside. There comes a day When the imperfect world breaks down, And we have to dig ourselves right into the ground. The young man shouts, "This isn't what I... (more »)
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yeah im from az , but i aint nun lazy , i come with the moves , aint got nuthin to loose, watch balling on the court ask the crowd they know it to , cuz i got god watching over me from court side , balling like im jordan cuz im... (more »)
Dangerous Love
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She dangerously loved him. He made her feel loved, The love she felt when she couldn’t get enough of him, the love she feels when all she wanted to do was talk to him and hear his voice, He was her lullaby. She’s never... (more »)
Sky of Somewhere
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Over the hedges of suburbia Lies the place you’ve been dreaming of The place you wished you’d always been Just look up to the sky and Wish it was forever We’ll do it all together Look into the clouds That’s where we’ll be The... (more »)
A Mother True
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My child, it’s time for bed Go to sleep now, rest your head In the morning, the flowers that have bloomed will peer through the window to greet you Lay down, my child, I’ll tuck you in It is time your slumber to begin Safe and sound... (more »)
Schoolhouse Rap
By , Albuquerque, NM
(can be rapped or read like poetry) They said being good at math and English was necessity Trained for more than half each year to work in a factory Perfect and precise, learn to be devoid of human error But sometimes when you’re... (more »)
Strings In My Showcase
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Penurious cortege was the life’s birth Of my childhood in the nameless town; Elegies danced through our pleading ears, Down the depths of despair we drown. A music sweet as the bees’ treasury Was our infinite ocean’s... (more »)
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(Verse 1) Give me a reason That I should hold on Give me something To keep me alive When the only thing Sustaining me Is the only thing Giving me pain   (Chorus) Tell me where were you When I Was drowning in the... (more »)
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Save me from Myself
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(Verse 1) Two roads in front of me One leads to sanity The place I need The other leads to morality I'm torn in two And if only you were here To free me from myself If only iron bars weren't The only thing I could feel  ... (more »)
dear dad
By , opelousas, LA
my mother did it by herself cause you were never around shoutout to my black queen you know held it down wheres the flash cause my life aint picture perfect tryna be my father now its too late i closed the curtains. In & out my life and i... (more »)
Dreaming won't die
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My past can't define me, for I left it behind. My future is sacred, for it is mine. You said fear controls me, you said it is corrupt. Now don't stop my courage, Now don't interrupt. Your legacy is weak, your passion is small.... (more »)
The Perfect Summer
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I remember it was summer The lake was cool But don´t drink from the well The water was cruel The cabins were covered With notes and names People left their mark Their memory remains The sun was our blanket Canoe trips And the like... (more »)
Towngirl This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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At a time long ago, in a land far away, lived a strange little girl in a town dull and gray; With their cups all half-empty, the people were grim, but the girl had a cup always filled to the brim. One day, early morning, amidst... (more »)
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I ain’t telling you What made me cry today, Because you are too young And your tears are barriers on my way.   Go to school and become A Great Boy, Even knowing that your future Is held, not by school, But by God.   Keep it... (more »)
The Archery Club Led by Penguins Controlled by...
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Wait to hesitate blissfully still Where will I be when it's over I've fallen back into the same circle Where echoes last forever. I want the time to be But not the chance to lose it all And I can only face My ignorance so long If... (more »)
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I’m feeling low, and all my strength is gone. I’m out of hope, I’m struggling to hold on. Pain like a mountain stands strong. And you know I’ve been trying so long.   Now I feel a fire burning somewhere in my soul. And I know the... (more »)
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