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angry depression
You pull up the driveway Beer in your hand Time to run and hide  Till you can't stand   [Chorus] Why are you yelling dude No one's listening to you And does that make you mad Or merely really sad [Chorus]   Your wife's... (more »)
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Just a girl turned 18, ran away to chase her dream, far away from reality. Told from birth education comes first never told her to be herself, tried to speak up, but they were too busy planning her life out, step by step down the yellow... (more »)
one last cigarette
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woke up Sunday morning with a bullet in my head screaming at the ashes that's still breathing by a thread dancing from my cherry her embers crumbled red just one last cigarette and then a bullet to the head cus baby give me one last... (more »)
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Are we at our end? Have we met our match? The bleeding's getting worse, It's more than just a scratch.   We fight for honor, To save the ones we love. You don't see it falling, The death from above. I want to win this, To... (more »)
The darkness anthem
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A shadow is creeping A light is so fleeting The darkness we pose Nobody knows The beauty we're seeing   A world that's so wrong That causes such harm Then put's it on the news And wants to raise the alarms Should have shut... (more »)
Do I mean anything to you?
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I'm a loner, not by choice. I speak too, but no one seems to hear my voice. I am just different, maybe too different, which is why you show fear when all I wanted to do was show warmth and become closer to you. I look at you so many times... (more »)
Who I Am
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I always live to fight another day My lyrics blast to keep my life from turning gray I’m always at the top of my game And I never ever write to anything lame I’m a fighter, a rapper, and an ice cold dapper My money is always in a cache... (more »)
Come Back
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I loved you with all my heart. I couldn't stand to see us part. So please come back into my arms, And find your way into my heart. (more »)
I'd rather burn black an' walk in the... This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I’d rather burn black an’ walk in the sun than stand in the shade all my life. Ah, frown from under your flowery umbrella – I’ll walk in the sun if I like.   I’d rather see sunlight speckling my skin, feel afternoon warmth... (more »)
Lost And Forgotten
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Already erased are your bright, stunning eyes and that alluring smile, I hope resurface in a while. Because you're lost and forgotten, I completely expelled you from my brain. And I'm finding it, So hard to ignore your text. I can't... (more »)
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You say you want to be remembered But where's the glory in all that When life's made up of moments That are all we'll ever have I want to spend mine in your hands   The light in your eyes Illuminates my world Everything I need... (more »)
every man needs a muse
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every man needs a muse and mine could be the bottle i dont know what to say then again ill probably always feel this way this is something that ill never control my needs will be the death of me. she whispers in my ear oh my dear i fear... (more »)
City of Ash
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Don't make this mistake Don't walk away We just met under this burning sky And kisses all trough the night The dead rose to the sky Why did you leave them Why did you Leave them all behind Did you want to Run away all through the night... (more »)
im comin back
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Do I love you do you love me do you like me or do you like her I just don't understand why I liked you but I do know one thing I never wanna fall in love I'm never gonna fall in your trap you can break me down but I'm coming back I'm coming... (more »)
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I don’t wanna be a Marionette Dirty strings controlled by Regret Those painted eyes that vacantly stare out the window of the play with despair I don’t wanna be a Marionette- not me no more no-oh-oh-oh oh-oh No More I... (more »)
Drown Me In Color
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Look at me, what do ya know? I'm just a black and white portrait of a sad lonely girl in her sad lonely world   Look at me, what do you see? A girl facing misogyny A pitiful travesty Drowning in the blackened sea   She wants to... (more »)
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