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Here are the most recent song lyrics:

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Doomed to die a daring death Different from deceit Forced to take a final breath When life was incomplete Packed bags and left the city Wound up on the street Lost from days when life was pretty But she won’t admit defeat Followed a... (more »)
Unspoken Mnemonics
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It’s just a matter of time Before the youth and the lie Starts to tear at the seams It’s just of matter of days Before the games that we play Are winding up the streets It’s just a packaged surprise Theatric scripted goodbyes Are... (more »)
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Little darlin’ go beddiebye Your lips are cracked and your eyes are dry tonight Cyanide Claws the moon and screams outside Never saw the point of suicide tonight Cyanide Falling stars fall hard from the heavens Never thought she’d... (more »)
Inspired Post!
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She likes to read books. Suspense filled with mystery. Stitch ends that seem a little loose. We'll throw love to the wind like history. She's in it for the chase. I've given too much of my affection away. But I'll be fine. Imagine how... (more »)
Time Flies
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It's been a while, How have you been? Still a lovely smile, Good to see it again. Missed your face, And so much more. After I gave you space, My heart dropped to the floor. I decided to return, On an uneasy desire. I was hoping we... (more »)
Your own beat
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Music running through the hearts of teens who never sleep each sound has a different story a different beat Some never listen some hid under the sheets but why run away from your lyric that can never be beat Tune out the static sounds... (more »)
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I'm looking for a way out Bitter rose and fastened fetters. If I knew then what I know now I'd be doing so much better. Grief is on my heart It shall tear me apart I'm searching for an answer To a question I won't ask I'm searching for... (more »)
We are forever
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I have you and you have me all we can is what we will be leaving ones who don’t rise us higher standing on edge to see the fire biting down tears streaming can’t let go now I am screaming I will fight for us I will never let... (more »)
  You ever feel like you on your own even when you’re enclosed by people that love you It crazy to see the close ones when they no longer love you I suck it up though, life goes on right Rack up on shawties parties every... (more »)
The Lucky Ones
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Bloodshot eyes, depicting  lies Smeared lipstick, bruised lips Scarred arms, cutting ties We’re the lucky ones The ones sent from above We’ve lost our way but that’s okay because we’re the lucky ones and we’re here to stay.... (more »)
The Sleeping Beauty
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Once upon a time There was a kingdom so sublime When the little princess was born The castle adorned, no longer forlorn Each fairy gave a nice wish But the uninvited black robe witch “Die at sixteen…”... (more »)
Past Self
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I’ll make them think I’m worth something Just to throw them off guard. I’ll make them think I’m needed So I can feel better about myself. Build me up to break me down I’m a coward at mind. No self strength, Just self pity.... (more »)
Cellar Door
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I learn by going where I have to go. Memory is what I have instead of a view. I'm strangled by this modern era,  this thin ice we skate until we fall through. Un-hinged, un-latched. The cellar door is open, waiting for you. (more »)
Can we try?
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If you listen, you'll hear me. But if you yell It'll be hard to tell What makes me feel this way. If only you could believe that I'm not just saying things- I need you to understand that you and I can change this thing- No more arguing... (more »)
The Storm
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You say that you'll pick up this mess that you've made Put the pieces back together so we can stay the same   I don't know Where I am, where I am And I don't know Where I'm going to But I know that I'm safe from the storm... (more »)
Face To Face
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What's your name? Bradley, I see, I just met a girl, I think she loves me. She told me a story, Of her latest ex, They fought and fought, They were real wrecks. It's not the same, Not the same with me. I'm her everything As to me is... (more »)
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