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Here are the most recent song lyrics:

Back on Track
By , Orange, CA
V.1. I don’t know how much more I can take. Every time I see you I just break I thought that we were over You said that we were through But know you say we’re back on Chorus 1. I’m ready but you're not... (more »)
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I tried to walk the thin line between you and this crime. I'm not an acrobat, but i am forced to balance on these swinging vines, The best act is yet to come, when i am faced with the lion of love.   This is your circus, and i am your... (more »)
Summer Vibes
By , middleburgh, NY
The dark nights are warm The pallets on the bonfire burn high and good people are near by As we look up we see a thousand stars in the sky In this open field full of fireflies we lie Love those warm nights Watch out for the... (more »)
Can't go out was
By , miami, FL
Wrist clear sprite Yuh .mike Tyson bite Yuh cup real dirty Yuh motor cross bite we don't fist fight choppers real light double sip tight Detroit got me right piccolo green that's millions and the old money got mildew they calling me bob... (more »)
On Easter Day
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Eggs were hidden in the grass. As children smiled and ran right past. The parents watched in near distance. As they questioned the Easter existence. Why were they celebrating on such a day? A playful, happy Easter Sunday. They thought... (more »)
Broken glass in a broken world
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They say your are beautiful, you think they're all delirious. You're filled with hate, filled with pai, they have no idea. To them you're all okay. But life's not what it use to be, cause now the world's plain mean. You work all day cry all night,... (more »)
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Verse 1: The school bell is ringing again, the beating of shattered heart, a thousand tears shed, and fake smiling from this nightmare. Chorus: Has no-one told you I’m not happy? My soul is dying, from this disease of torment, come... (more »)
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With You
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When the stars come out. I think in my mind without a doubt. That your are the best. And I have never ever felt more blessed. Your eyes are like stars. I love the love we call ours. You make smile and laugh till I cry. I couldn’t... (more »)
I wouldn't change a thing
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stuck in the moment of the movement stop- can't enjoy it I just do it can't help but smile when you come my way beggars can't be choosers  wouldn't change a thing   I stand alone beside a window watching rain fall as wind in... (more »)
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Red blood flows through my veins But I'm dripping in black and blue There's no way to escape I'm drowning in the modern's day truth   Following the yellow brick road Just because someone said so Everyone's individuality starts to... (more »)
You like Me Too.
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I call your name, but only the wind hears my calls. You beckon me closer. Only silence calls me back. Should I dare to go back to you?   I try to follow my heart, but it leads me to pain. I try to keep you out of my mind. But you... (more »)
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Never Meant to Break
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I put my thoughts out on a page Before they leave me and go through the gates Don't want to be locked down, down in the cage Don't want to make another big mistake   Now I start thinking love is a crime With all those... (more »)
Wind and Wings
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You learned to fly at age 16, Flying instincts, any angel’s dream, Piloting crafts, new ones each night Way of the humble pilot, taken in every fight. Breaking, just beneath the clouds, Life is almost over now, Death approaches fast,... (more »)
Trigger Happy Havoc
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With the loss of life, Times come where people grieve with thoughts of great despair. Battle it with hope, don’t let fear get needed air. They’ll make you think otherwise, saying life’s not fair. What’s wrong with them? Death brings... (more »)
Stay Up Late With Me
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Stay up late with me Don’t fall asleep on me Let me look into your eyes For the rest of my life Open your heart to me As time starts to cease Let the sun and the moon Be witnesses to our love   Stay up late with me Don’t close... (more »)
Broken Boy
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He was never really popular. Never did fit with the crowd.   This boy would lie to himself til the people's voices  would dissolve into nothing. But as soon as  he did, one voice  would stand above the ... (more »)
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