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Get Out
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Get out, I feel like I’m dreaming, Feeling like I’m restless, I cant fight this feeling, Anymore, No, I can’t, Its not worth it, So just get out, Get out, I don’t need you here, I can’t stand to look you in the eye, So just... (more »)
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oh to lose myself in wood only then to find you there oh to suck on mushroom red only to trip my way inside your hair oh to be a dried up fish only to find you in sandy hills oh that you’d be a hermit crab only for you to climb inside... (more »)
Roller Coaster Round
By , wentzville, MO
Hook: Emotions breaking high , Trying to clear all up inside , Feelings Everywhere , but i try to hold it all inside Got me going crazy , think i’m about to lose my mind , confused lately , think i’m about to cry , Got my head... (more »)
A Confuzzled Girl
By , Niagara Falls, NY
I jump and I play and I smile And I do that for a long while I swim and I splash and I dive I feel like Im only five I feel free and happy But Ill try not to get too sappy Im not used to writing happy poems but I got I would give it... (more »)
To Regain My Wings
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Child of imperfection, A man of many flaws, Bearer of the mark of shame, My name brings nothing but disgrace. I am a fallen angel, My wings were ripped off long ago. A dark past lies behind me, And I’ve wandered a twisted road. I... (more »)
Scorpion Queen
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I strike when I feel threatened I fall too fast for princes I hold grudges I need love, and I desire too much I envy too much X3 Queen The scorpion queen X3 Stings Striking subjects X3 Why Because I am a Scorpio Scorpio I’m the... (more »)
White Christmas of Scales
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I'm dreaming of a white christmas, With all the dragons in the world, Where their scales do glisten and mountains listen, To hear their roaring in the snow!   I'm dreaming of a white christmas, With every elven scroll I write. May... (more »)
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It was a cold weekend in late November we were sitting in the parking lot in your car Savoring our soft afterglow and i saw stories in the smoke i saw raindrops and clouds shoppers in crowds i saw mothers and daughters brothers and... (more »)
Torn At The Seams
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(Verse One) Here I currently am Standing at the shallow end On the scale of love's potion Searching for the notion That'll convince me that this isn't real Because this isn't how love's supposed to feel   (Chorus) Do you remember... (more »)
Let You Down
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I caused you pain I never meant, You got upset over texts I shouldn't have sent. It kills me that I hurt you so bad, I feel my blood boil as I get mad. I promised you I be would here no matter what, I actually lied when I disappeared and... (more »)
Waking up with depression
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The birds will chirp, the sun will rise, but it is still dark inside my mind the day awaits with many adventures but my bed still seems like a better endeavor my mother yells, “it’s time to go” I try to get up but I still can’t... (more »)
When I Look At You
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When I look at you All I can see Are memories Green grass memories When we could touch the sky without leaving ground When the world was big and clean Only for us And our unlimited Imagination   When I look at you The memories... (more »)
The Days Go By
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the days go by they people pass on by the faces are all starting to look the same they all think the same shes just like the rest she doesn't care about anything but what they don't see is what lies behind my eyes they all don't see the... (more »)
When you look at me
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you see me and you're like shes just going through a stage it'll pass well just to let you know its not a stage its not a look I want to change but I cant change after the things I've seen with these eyes they seen to much these ears they've... (more »)
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I can't let this song go unsung, No, not when these strings have already been strung. They're more than just words on paper, And far less cheerful than a caper. These words impact people, And I plan on standing on top of it's steeple.... (more »)
If only
If only I was a romantic a confident an academic human being Then maybe I'd be more content with this life given If only I hadn't learned how s*** life was so early on I could've just been another idiotic teenager unwilling to except the... (more »)
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