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Fire Burns Less
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(Verse 1) I can take a burn, every once in a while. The flames barely hurt, I almost never cry. I douse the fire and walk away. I continue on day to day. But, when the cold sets in and the winter comes, nothing is good and I just wanna run.... (more »)
Burning Darkness of my Eagles
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when it speads its wings, i see the blazing eyes; and the razor claws buring in the dark of the night my predetor waits; flying high burning dark; when it........ kills and it flyyyys why is it so quiet? is-it-wating-waitng-for... (more »)
I Dont Need
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I Dont Need (R&B) Verse: These nights havent been easy The days are going by too slow But i know one day he'll see the light And come running back home Why you have to be so stupid And whyd you have to do It now... (more »)
Not alone
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We all feel like we don't have anybody. It seems like we can't find anybody to stay with us. (chorus)I'm here to tell that you're not alone. No one is truly alone. Trust me I know what I'm talking about. I've been in... (more »)
I Know I'm Different
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Whatever place I've been, It seems to me that I've been away from my kin. Life goes on; in many different ways, All I've known is that I've been here always. I know I'm different; what can I do, With every moment of... (more »)
Old Friend
I've been spending all my days, Walking around in this dreamy haze, Sleepless and oblivious, Desperate for you and delirious I put all my hours with you in a jar, labelled it as my biggest scar, and I'm using it to build my... (more »)
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Picture frame over colored walls, Thats all I see, You make me feel so good like, Its just you and me, Why do I always feel so lonely, Without you, By my side, I cant believe your leaving, how will I survive? Cause For the first time,... (more »)
Give me a chance
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Im skipping stones, And your on your toes, Got you little phone, Calling girlfriends at the tone, And I look at you, Wondering what I do to not have, A love thats true, to me, He says give me a chance and ill show you the... (more »)
Let Go
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Verse: Let go of all those expectations, Forget all the things we need, Were having all these situations, Were going at them with a scream, Hook: No more worries, No more crying endlessly hoping for a change, I am Finally, I... (more »)
Ms. Distrust
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Each time I think about you I try, I try not to But I can’t help myself From falling in love with you Yet when I think about it Your touch and lips I miss I know I must let go Take this goodbye kiss Cause the truth of the matter is... (more »)
I Don't Care
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Dark clouds and humid air A look of I-don’t-care You call and call and call But I don’t care at all Yet you leave me breathless Oh, love, I’m restless And I can’t wait no more Just go and close the door I think I’m old enough... (more »)
1st week
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Today is a whole week, that I've been carrying Something with me. Haven't had this gift for a long while, Took me time to discover that people are seeing me Now blush. All because I have opened my heart, And go to sleep with a... (more »)
From Now On...
By , Ada, MI
Singing me sweet lullabies Nothing like I had heard before Reminding me how I grew up to be a butterfly Escaping from the place I use to know You hold me tight Forgiving me for everything wrong that never went right Youre hands on my body... (more »)
Everyone is happy
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I tried the best to my ability And I thought for a second, I could succeed But it all became undone at the seams When you began to ignore me I can no longer stand by your side Without annoyance in your eyes And I don't know what... (more »)
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I broke my own heart and when I left your side, Don't know where to go, Didn't know where to hide. Don't know what to do, Or where to begin again. I gave you my heart, when it was broken You took it, pieces and all, you... (more »)
Ava's Lullaby
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Hush, Hush, the pendulum swings Close your eyes, enraptured by dreams. Hush, Hush, the pendulum swings Close your eyes, enraptured by dreams. Let sleep, Cast her spell. I hope and pray you shall sleep well. Hush, Hush, the... (more »)
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