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Want You Back
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Solid, treasured images all begin to fade away. I'm calling up your cell but I don't know what to say. And I long to know if you still think of me? You should know you're all that I see. It's a little after midnight, I'm by myself and I want... (more »)
Head Down
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Oh-oh what's happening to me, tonight? Oh-oh Insanity is that you my friend? Oh-oh I think I feel something inside. Uh-oh It's happening again. I wake up, trying to get out of bed, (oh here we go again), tryna catch the thoughts in my... (more »)
A Monster Calls
By , groton, CT
Somewhere in the darkness a monster calls my name Somewhere in corruption I'm the one they blame I try to rise above it all but always seem to slip and fall hands on my ankles pulling me down Help me I'm running in the dark I... (more »)
Fill the Empty Page
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to the tune of "On the Open Road" from A Goofy Movie   Friend: Do you haaaave A dream to be an author? Do you longgggg To be in print someday? If you want to write, Take my advice: Your triumph will Be worth the price So... (more »)
Beautiful Enough
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  I like the things you do more than the words you say And the face of the grey city more than the way you imagine it I like the cracks in the concrete and all the stones on the way I don't need goals to remember... (more »)
Reckless Abandon
By , Eaton, CO
I’ve sat here for hours, pondering in these lonely showers I’ve sat here for days, my body wasting away And I’ve sat here forever, calling out your name in numb despair Because I couldn’t feel the pain And I... (more »)
By , Benton, AR
Fast or slow, it leaves us miserable. For it knows no constant pattern. In the middle of night or day. It has always left us miserable.     It’s absolutely breathtaking.     Your heart quits, mid beat.     Your blood stops flowing... (more »)
Shaky Hands and Shaky Knees
By , Eaton, CO
Shaky hands and shaky knees, carried the cross to where my Savior died for me. Broken lives, and lives lost, crown of thorns was the cost. Nails through His wrists, blood on the ground, tear-stained faces dotting the crowd. He took His... (more »)
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Doing My Thing
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Yo, people got the nerve to be calling me fake, I'm out here doing my thing, so I don't understand all of the hate. Is that jealousy building up that I sense? You're stuck in the meadow while I'm over the fence. I'm living this life like I... (more »)
Human Beings
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In this life I'm surrounded By entities of human beings We run this world. From hating to laughing, And fighting all the same We can't catch a break.   From the ground to the clouds above To the oceans burning waves To the... (more »)
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The mountain tops seem snowy today The water seems frozen at the bay The air in the forest is cold This absence of warmth is getting so old The sky has been grey since you’ve gone away, you took a part of me when you left that fateful day... (more »)
Executioner's Lulluby
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Don’t be afraid, close your eyes and trust me Just relax, hold your breath and go to sleep Soon you’ll be in a better place You won't even notice all the pain you’re gonna face Do not fear the angel of death as she brushes past your... (more »)
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Bullies are people who are said To be no different than me and you. When they bleed Their blood is just as red. No matter what we try to do It’s only on others pain they feed. They only come to kill The last of our self-worth. You... (more »)
Love is
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Love is an exciting roller coaster for all to ride. When you have good and bad days it always has its ways. You can put up a fight but remember in the end, it will leave you in a gaze. It goes up and down and all around. Your stomach,... (more »)
This Is Life
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Verse Give me something good to say 'Cause no one's gonna get away And if I don't get my answer Then I'll just have to find a way 'Cause nothing's gonna get by me And everything that I can see Will be restored in... (more »)
Make Him
By , Dagmar, MT
Make him laugh Make him smile Make him love life a lil' Dry his tears Hold him tight And be there When he’s sayin I can’t do this anymore Encourage him to try Just once more Make him realize life's about the little things Not... (more »)
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