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Well sixty two morning blue love this world but it will be over soon We gotta change so we can have it made Stop the fighting stop the war what good is it for We gotta go back to sixty two I know the lies there telling me them masters of war... (more »)
Do it for peace
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See the world as it is see that's it's all over See that we need to change Do what you can to accomplish peace Drink for peace Eat for peace Pray for peace Keep your head up And keep going forget what the war lovers say Make them wrong... (more »)
Flatline (My Choice of Suicide)
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She loves me She loves... This is a dark Dirty love song So put your sexiest piece of lingerie on We now have the privilege of dwelling my inner thoughts I am always the most romantic When I'm self loathing Anxiety and depression always... (more »)
Dark Angel
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With my black wings flying High above the clouds With my shadowed halo As I'm touching down Know my steel blue eyes Can cut like knives and my Hands will dash and cut your life   I'm a being Of holy and dark influence And... (more »)
Death Sometimes
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Don't tell me it's not hard to- not think of death sometimes, don't tell me that it's difficult- after you've eased your worried mind, to let it all go, to set your mind blank, to disappear forever, my sadness sank. I'm not... (more »)
You don't know me
You know my name Not my story You've heard the rumors Not the truth You tell the lies Which I despise This crucial side Of you You dont know my past  You know not the things  That I've been through So dont you pretend Or act... (more »)
Better Place
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It's not easy wishing you were still here with me. You're the only person I really miss right now. My heart aches for you every single day of my life. Oh it's hurt, and it's crying. (Oh it's crying for you) My heart is hurting but it... (more »)
I dont wanna die
By , Phoenix, NY
 I dont wanna die I dont wanna die so your gonna have to    I dont wanna lie I just wanna fly so i dont have to be like you    All I ever tried to do is make you proud Thats the reason why i walk around with this... (more »)
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By , Springville, UT
I heard he left yesterday I didn’t get to say goodbye He’s probably in a better place The only question I have is why He’s gone now But I will remember him Does he know how proud I was to be his friend? He... (more »)
Only Human
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I'm living day by day, wishing I was different, But I am who I am, so there's no point in miss'n' it. And I've hurt people without having the intent. So I thought I would apologize for the scar without kissin it. Because I'm only kind of... (more »)
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You're broken and bruised, Such a shame, there's nothing I can do. My secrets you know I can't tell, Wish I could be there when you scream and yell. You're looking for a hero and I'm not it, I would do anything to be what you needed. Look... (more »)
slow down
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We gotta take it slow i don't want this to spin out of control i need to get a grip on who i want to hold and call her home now i'm here and i don't care if you're living brave, or hiding scared because i'll hold you close, my dear... (more »)
Psychotic Breeding
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Your narcissism is the reason I have so much hate, It’s built up like idols on a pedestal of rage But oh, god forbid that I question your authority Then again I always saw god as just another story I work my fingers down to the bone In a... (more »)
your magnificent
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yours so beatiful  atomsphere of the world is gold    your my friend  a friend to the end  your so smart  many fall apart    your so divine   noone can find you (more »)
No One Like Me
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You should never give up cause there is no one like you You must get up and fight show them what you can do Never let them decide if your worthy or not Tell them sorry good-bye I am one of a kind Never give up x2 I know it's not... (more »)
"Love me like i love you."
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I want you to hush your lips and open your heart 'cause what i am about to say is going to blow your mind Before you speak i want you to listen to how i feel about you After i am done i will finally have off my chest, cause i hide this... (more »)
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