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I'm Taking This Chance
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Chorus (slowly) G              D So what would you say if I said what I felt?        Em          C If I opened up instead of bottling up? G      D Would you think I was crazy?... (more »)
Understand You
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Capo on 4 Em          G I stood on the boat amazed by you Am    D Sitting with my sister as we talked about you Em    G Couldn’t make my mind up, yes or no Am      D When I look back now I wish I had known.... (more »)
Free Me
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    Why don't you light me on fire And watch me burn in pain Watch as my ashes float far away On the winds of freedom that you never gave    Free me from this life, this body Free me from all your torment Oh free me, before I... (more »)
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Looking up the night sky All the shooting stars Fading into the darkness Reminds me of how you are One minute you're here Pulling me close And when I shut my eyes I find myself alone Well there's passion And devotion and heat But in a... (more »)
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Frightful nightmares scary dream. You wouldn't wish  that you were me.   Bloody handprints  on the wall. You start to walk and you start to fall.   Down the stairs crush your head. Then you wake up in your bed.  ... (more »)
Sophomore September
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You can’t move forward Without the cage’s keys You can’t get beyond it Without rightly paying fees You can’t taste the honey Until you’ve felt the stinging bees And you can’t find the path While you’re lost amidst the trees... (more »)
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Are you kidding me? Oh, what irony Strangling me with your secure hands This suffocation I can no longer fucking stand! Rose petals drip down my face Ha What a damn disgrace With all the words you say   Itching has throbbed my... (more »)
Screw up
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I'm a screw up That much is true Yeah I'm a F**k up But so are you   You say you're perfect That's a lie You want me to be perfect I'd rather die.   Does daddy's little girl Not wear enough pink I'd rather challenge the... (more »)
the pre-war battle
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Oh I seperated the mold That makes me who I am So every action I make is bold And woe Are the souls of the sheep Who constantly will follow me I'm not a shepard to the meek   From my first breath On god's green earth My... (more »)
The way i feel
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guy: the way i feel the way i care the way i love you the way i forget girl: the way i feel the way i care the way i love you the way i miss you guy: i don't understand it im tired of fighting just so impatient ever binding... (more »)
Go, Going, Gone
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I really have to say this, Before I lose control. You have to understand, It's beginning to take a toll. How can I put this in a simple way? What do I have to do? 'Cause I have tried every word, But I have yet to get through. You're... (more »)
I Have A Secret To Tell You
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This is for the lonely and depressed, the tired and the stressed, Come here, I have a secret to tell you… You are a beloved child of God, perfect in every way And He has a plan for you, each and every day His son died for YOU, because... (more »)
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Erudite from Utopia Maybe?
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  (Imaginary Person)- No such person exists unfortunately :-( There's a person I know who's perfect The best one ever could be He's the best in class Gets the highest marks He is better than I can ever be... (more »)
I see...
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I see 100 people everyday. I brush against them as we slip and slide down the hallway I hear their words slide and slither off their lips as they talk about the next thing that would make them forget and as all this mayhem is going... (more »)
Bone Gardens
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Tibias and Fibulas dance with roses Scapulas wrapped with garden hoses Clever not ever benevolent Bodies weathered but never irrelevant When company witness the daisy's phalanges I'm in the room with the elephant Collect craniums by the... (more »)
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Nobody understands, why you always demand. That we control, our emotional turmoil. Oh dad nobody can understand your pain. When you pull us into your insanity, Whilst always using profanity. You never seem to comprehend, that you... (more »)
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