His Song

May 9, 2018
By Alex_Alodo BRONZE, West Melbourne, Florida
Alex_Alodo BRONZE, West Melbourne, Florida
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Do you remember..
When we were fourteen?
We were flirting..
With each other.
Getting in trouble
With the teacher.
Time passes,
We become distant.
Two years have flown on through
and I catch a glimpse of you standing by the pole.
You receive my gaze
and wave at me.
You sent my heart fluttering outside my own ears.
From then on,
We became closer than before.
And now with every new day,
I can't help myself but think of you.
In the midst of a busy day,
I find myself reminiscing the old piano days.
Out of nowhere I see your smile,
It gets to me everytime, it speaks to me,
and tells me that I am yours.
It's your smile,
that warms my heart
and brightens my day.
I hear your laugh and I think of you.
Life is more beautiful now,
because I fall in love all over again at the thought of you.
My heart was always a little daunted
and still you're all it ever wanted.
Speak to it or let go, it's fire cannot be tamed,
it just lays there helplessly in your hand.
You're the one that mended it,
and showed to the world that we'd stay together through thick and thin,
and be the word forever.

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