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My demons

May 4, 2018
By AyhamHasan BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
AyhamHasan BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
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My demons are calling my name

they're screeching out on my

backwards pain

Don't worry about my sillyness

and empty promises


Going back to me


My demons don't define me

don't defy


My demons feeding on 

what I have left of me

They're part of me


My demons don't define me

My demons don't define me

They just want my insanity

My sadness


My last hope of happiness


My demons are haunting me

They're calling out your name


The author's comments:

Music for me is a way to escape, and during the time of writing this song I felt weighed down by things that I was insecure about. I felt like they were leeching off of anything that made me happy. It was also shortly after going through a breakup, hence the last line "They're calling out your name". It's something that haunted me, just how we say our demons haunt us. 

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