I'm Not Like You

April 25, 2018
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Those enigmatic nights we spent
Howling at the white-gold moon
We were the ascending rebels
In a lights-out, burn-down world
We kick-flipped off the gray walls,
We ravaged the silent streets
Flat broke, but still the richest

Now the snow is melted,
My hurricane heart is frozen.
I can see one thing clear as a crystalline sky--
All you do is waste my time

I’m not like you guys.
No, I’m nothing like you guys.

Breathing in the night
I stare, heart beating to the tune
The photographs beckon me, wide eyed, hypnotic
Your pain was infectious, poisoning me like arsenic
Frantically, I’m cutting all ties
To you, I don’t exist, a shadow figure
Delete the pictures, desecrate the evidence
You guys, I’m not the same

Times have changed, so tuck the past in bed
Sing it a lullaby, an ode to days gone by
Let it slumber in blissful paralysis
Nestled in the grave adjacent to my last incarnation

I used to be like you guys.
Now, I’m nothing like you guys.

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