Hands of Darkness

April 4, 2018
By S_Sawyer BRONZE, Carbondale, Pennsylvania
S_Sawyer BRONZE, Carbondale, Pennsylvania
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Welcome cancer, my new mate
I guess you’ve come to take my fate
Due to a tumor gently blending
In my brain I knew life was ending
And the tumor that has settled in my mind
Is unkind
Held in the hands of darkness

In quiet nights I stayed awake
Afraid to sleep and never wake
In the hallway of the clinic
I looked at doctors who were terrific
But when they looked at me they knew I wouldn’t last the night
But still I fight
Held in the hands of darkness

When I finally closed my eyes
I felt my body start to rise
Peace finally took hold of me
Saw a gate but didn’t have the key
Shouted loudly but no one ever heard me
Hushed was my plea
By the way of hands of darkness

Pulled from the gates of heaven
As the clock struck eleven
Laid in bed as doctors surround
And tubes and wires lay around
Trying to revive my lifeless soul
That was held in the hands of darkness

As family kneel and plea
For my life to restore in me
But no avail did it return
Wallowing was their main concern
As my body laid lifeless on the bed
And family was slowly led
Out of my chamber
As I was held in the hands of darkness

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