Dead of Winter

April 3, 2018

(Verse 1)

Hello winter my dear friend
We’ve come to meet with you again
Because the snow is softly falling
Left it’s mark while we were sleeping
And those seeds that were planted here last spring
No remains
Within the dead of winter

(Verse 2)
On icy roads I try to drive
Unsure if I’ll arrive
Stopping for bread at the super-store
I can not believe we’re here once more
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a plow truck light
It took my sight
Within the dead of winter

(Verse 3)
And out the window I once saw
Thirteen inches maybe more
Shovels moving without clearing
People seeing without doing
School is cancelled for the second time this week
A new streak
Within the dead of winter

(Verse 4)
“Snow” Said I, “You mustn’t know
No one wants you, you must go
Hear our word that will teach you
Take my money please I’m blue”
My heart belongs in the summer sun
And was ignored in the dead of winter

(Verse 5)
And the people wept and wept
Snow must have left while we slept
And the sun thawed all the ground’s soil
In the warmth it was creating
And the town said “Thank you, for the weather
May brought our  happiness back
Now everyone’s on track
And until the dead of winter

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