Oh The Weather(Raindrops and Falling Stars)

March 29, 2018
By hannahraky PLATINUM, Plano, Texas
hannahraky PLATINUM, Plano, Texas
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Feelings don't last, but life always will.

     (verse 1)Raindrops and falling stars collect around the room,

But all I can think about is me and you.

Big, blue eyes and a bigger heart keep tearing me apart,

But you put me back together,

With your big heart and perfect smile.

     (pre-chorus)Raindrops and falling stars do not belong inside.

We could get up and close the door, nah.

Hey, at least we tried.

     (chorus)Oh, the weather can be ignored,

As long as you are mine and I am yours.

     (verse 2)Great big lakes and starry nights make our lives look so bright.

Any day I spend with you is the best of my life.

The universe is so big, but we see it all right out of our eyes.

Now, tell me honey, am I the stars and are you the night?

     (pre-chorus)The universe should not fit in the palm of my hand.

But, would I ever give it up?

Not a day in this land.

     (chorus)Oh, the weather can be ignored.

As long as you are mine and I am yours.

     (bridge)Raindrops and falling stars,

The universe can all be ours.

Whether we're on Earth or Mars,

Nothing can tear us apart.

The author's comments:

This is an original song about one of my past relationships. I still treasure it in my heart. \

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