Blind in a Way

March 26, 2018

The light means truth
‘Cause there’s nowhere for me to hide there
The darkness is my youth
So i use darkness to hide my fear
Leave the lights off so i don't have to turn my back
‘Cause i feel safer when to room is pitch black


Shoot the light
Or I’ll close my eyes
And point the gun wherever it might
But it won’t give me a chance to say my byes
So break the damn light or hit the switch
That's all i'm asking I don't care which


I know I’m blind
But the world isn’t kind - enough
To let me see
Without it beating me
It knocks me to the floor
Without mercy or more - time
To figure this out
It silences me so i can't shout
There is no more for me to give
So I guess there’s no more reason for me to live

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