For Europe Is A Tragedy

March 24, 2018
By AllTheSuperRacehorses SILVER, Haverford, Pennsylvania
AllTheSuperRacehorses SILVER, Haverford, Pennsylvania
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White House,
Brown coat
I have happy,
She has a moat

Crumbling Castles
Thrift store finds
China White
For porcelain minds

Year after year
Time after time
She cries graffiti tears
And I put them into rhyme

She lives in 20/20
So sharp it hurts
With no silver lining
To shorten her skirts

Goodnight moon
You tear-streaked Descartes
Brew unbroken darkness
To contrast my heart

Is Dublin a painting?
Or a neon tale?
Either way it’s mine now
Make those dolls frail

Glassy eyes
Nylon hearts
They steal her fishnets
And falsify her arts

But cigarettes permeate
And music soars
True humans pirouette
And I close the faceless drawers

Goodbye Barbie
Hello fractured minds

The author's comments:

Originally written as a song for a very special artistnamed MAddie Rose. She used part of it in her song, but this is the poem in full. 


She write fabulous melodies

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