He Reminded Me

February 9, 2018
By TheGothWriter SILVER, Galena, Ohio
TheGothWriter SILVER, Galena, Ohio
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                                     Part One

He reminded me of what it's like to be happy


He reminded me of that warm feeling you get every morning from the sun through the clouds


It now hurts to think of the times we spent happily together



He also reminded me of what heartbreak feels like

He reminded me of how hard it is to say goodbye to the one's you're attached to...            *

Now he only reminds me of hate, darkness and being alone 


                                      Part Two

He was the first boy to actually love the stupid being I am

He was the first boy to care.....

He had a smile brighter than any star


He reminded me of what it's like to fear


                                    Part Three

                               He was my soulmate

                                      My forever

                                        My love


But now it's all gone because of a selfish boy getting in the way


                            I loved him and still do

                                   I always will

                          I will never give up on him


The sun is a beautiful, bright star....just like he is......

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