Five Nights in Animatronic Horror Pt.2 in song form

February 8, 2018
By AidanM BRONZE, Lincoln, Rhode Island
AidanM BRONZE, Lincoln, Rhode Island
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1 A.M.
Just finished my first shift at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza
Hey there Freddy nice to see ya
The phone guy says there is no danger
Balloon Boy just sits and stares while all the others roam and scare
Vents, flashlights, but not one door to stop the horrors
Wear the mask, check the cams, keep the puppet inside the box all night
I’m going to live tonight
2 A.M. 
Here comes Bonnie down the hall, he reeks like he’s carrying a corpse
Their footsteps creak as they’re circling
The clock keeps ticking down to 6 A.M.
4 A.M.
Shine the light down the hall
Here comes the scrapped robots thirsty for blood
Trapped souls in a robot prison since 1987
Ripped apart limb from limb by small children
6 A.M
The clock chimes softly as I walk away from my possible tomb

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