Darkness and Moonlight Love

February 14, 2018
By KurdiG PLATINUM, Douglasville, Georgia
KurdiG PLATINUM, Douglasville, Georgia
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The room is pitch black,

And light has left my heart.

Death keeps us apart;

We tried to block nebulous things.


If you stay with me, darkness will conquer;

I knew evil was a stalker.

The impregnable wind pushed, used to caliginous outcomes-

Our hearts are too numb.


Everything we had- destroyed.

We were too paranoid.

I cannot remember our love;

I left you like a mourning dove.


The moonlight made us one;

Our love will never be done.

Thinking about you makes me cry.

You are beautiful, a radiate butterfly.


Without you my life isn't the same;

It was me to blame.

I'm tumbling down-

I am here now.


You are my glorious angel.

The love we share is extremely meaningful.

Together we are the fairest.

If you fade away, I will perish.


When we are apart, I feel horrible-

I remember you being adorable. 

I do not know what the future will hold.

You're alluring like gold. 

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on May. 7 at 3:43 pm
KurdiG PLATINUM, Douglasville, Georgia
21 articles 0 photos 7 comments
Thank you so much for your support and I definitely will check out your writing!

HammadWaseem said...
on Apr. 7 at 1:41 pm
HammadWaseem, Lahore, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Be proud of who you are.

You can't see me
-John Cena

Ooh, somebody stop me!

Nice work @KurdiG Will you comment on teen ink pics,"Gentleman", "Side View of Sketching Guy" and video,"The Unbeatable Breakdancer"? :)

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