January 24, 2018
By IsabelWondrasch BRONZE, Shakopee, Minnesota
IsabelWondrasch BRONZE, Shakopee, Minnesota
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theses word are just a blur on a screen.
And all theses poems may be good but will never be seen.
I don’t really know who I am so don’t ask.
And who am I when all theses feelings are covered with a mask.
I’m trying to keep up with your expectations but thats not me.
I don’t feel upset for u guys caring I just don’t see what you see.
i really just wish I could do what I’m good at and know theres a good future ahead.
Because I’m not good with theses kind of problems id rather just do me instead.
And not follow theses strict guidelines of what they call “smart”.
Id rather be alone painting outside of the box doing a new kind of art.
Cause I feel as if theses grades define who I am.
sometimes feel like people forget whats important within.
And theses teachers expect us too all be the same.
Its a school systems that work for most but the rest have to deal with shame.
sometimes I feel so lost cause I just don’t understand.
And I try to ask questions and get help but I get laughed at when I raise my hand.
So I stand alone shameful for the grades I bring home.
And my  sister is so smart I never can compare.
They just tell me to shake it off because life isn’t fair.
and I wish I could show them what I can really do.
Theses thoughts in my mind are stories and movies but everyone knows that can’t get me through.
Because teachers don’t care about that stuff they want you to be there kind of smart.
But I was always better at being on the edge not inside of s side of a cart.
and my mom always says I should be proud to be me
But mom how am I supposed to be proud when my grades define what people see.
people tell me I’m dumb, lazy, and don’t care.
so I second guess myself are theses stamens fair?
but then again I’m a fish getting told to breathe air.
and to read in front of the class while the other students stair.
i start to mumble my words as the others look concerned like they care.
and I see the disappointment on your face when you see my grade.
and you care so much that you give me touters that are way over paid.
But I’m still proud to be me.
and no matter what they say theses grades don’t define me.
I am who I am, no matter what people say.
cause god doesn’t make mistakes so I’m perfect in my own way.
And thank you for the love and support you have given me.
One day when I’m older and when theses grades don’t Define me.
I will do what I’m good and be successful for doing me.
But for now ill get through it and work hard and be happy to be me.
Because no matter what anyone else see i know who I am.
And at the end of the day I know I’m pretty cool within

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