You and Me

January 19, 2018
By IsabelWondrasch BRONZE, Shakopee, Minnesota
IsabelWondrasch BRONZE, Shakopee, Minnesota
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I want to write about you but I don’t know how I feel.
I wanna explain my emotions but I don’t know whats real.
See I’ve been thinking for hours about you and me.
But what is thinking for hours when I don’t know what I want to be.
maybe I’m just sick of the chase.
Or maybe the games your playing are to fast for my pace
i wish you didn’t tell me you love me just to take it back.
I wish you didn’t  break my trust more, when trust is what I lack.
I don’t think its your fault that I’m breaking.
Just why did you have to say you care then tell me your faking.
Im sick of getting reckless to love you.
And you putting me last when I wouldn’t let anyone above you.
Maybe its that you know how I feel.
And you still let me kiss you knowing I think its real.
You know I don’t have control and you let me fall.
and you tell me to pick up the phone but get mad when I call.
We have future you tell me that all the time.
But what is a future when I can’t call you mine.
and how am I supposed to live watching you fall for someone else.
See I want you by myside, all to myself.
maybe that will never happen, maybe you will never see me that way.
or maybe I’m just to scared to tell you what I wanna say.
See I never new the pain of a love song before I met you.
I never understood forever tell I felt that to.
Intel I understood forever wasn’t long enough with you.
Intel I wanted you to know all the things me and you could do
And I guess I thought you wanted that with me.
Maybe after all the tings we have gone through you would see what I see
We wouldn’t lack communication you would understand me.
And after all the fights and bruised hearts you would stay not flee.
But I was wrong right?
Theres never a thought of me in the middle of the night.
After the dark days I’m not the one who brings you light.
And when you read you never think of the poems I would wright.
The long text just to make you feel alright.
going to bed never forgetting to say goodnight.
But that was all me I was the only person feeling that way.
You told me you wanted me to leave but got mad when I ran away.
See maybe this love is just to much for us to handle.
Maybe we where a fire and now where just a blown out candle.
Maybe one day ill get the courage to tell you how I feel.
But for now lets keep pretending and avoid whats real.

The author's comments:

This is my first time showing my work, but this is about me and a realthionship i had in the past and I hope you guys can relate to it.

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