To the Moon

December 24, 2017
By shadow13kp SILVER, Advance, North Carolina
shadow13kp SILVER, Advance, North Carolina
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People always say
“I love you to the moon and back”
But when I use that line
My feelings aren’t lacking
It’s not just because you look fine
And yeah I guess that’s simply said
But I can’t get you outta my head
Constant thoughts
Every day and even at night
I see your beautiful shining light
Beaming like the moon
And that’s how I know
I love ya to the moon
And all the way back
You got me star struck
I’m never looking back
Remember that you
You’re one of a kind
Once in a lifetime chance to find
Your heart was locked
I had to use my mind
Telepathically crack the code
Practically impossible
I needed to think outside the box
Switch my ideas into a new mode
But for that to happen
I had to find myself
And figure out what matters most
Searchin coast to coast
And I don’t wanna boast
But I found the needle in the haystack
So now there’s no going back
You’re mine
And that’s a fact
I got it mapped out
All wrapped up and compact
I’ve planned our future
And I made it carefully and practically
Took it slow not rapidly
Actually for once in my life I took my time
So from now on
I won’t have to remind myself
Why I love you
It doesn’t even run through my brain
Because my feeling are flowin right through my veins
And whenever you cry
I’ll take the pain away
This is why I’m here to stay
And I don’t have to ask
Because I know we love each other
To the moon and back

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