Dark Side of the Moon

December 24, 2017
By shadow13kp SILVER, Advance, North Carolina
shadow13kp SILVER, Advance, North Carolina
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As I look to the sky
I see the moon rise
Noticing everything has a dark side
Including me
In this life I never really know
What was truly meant for me
I mean I know wrong from right
But which side is the best
This is the real test
Whether I fly or fall from the nest
Break a wing
Fling me to the dark side
Sailing over high rolling tides
Sink or swim
It’s one or the other
No floating
And with the weight
I’m toting
I’m diving into the deep
And descending into the dark
Trying to choose whether or not to have a heart
I’m painting this out for you
Call it prestigious art
I guess my problem is my lack of care
Always facetious
Spontaneous attitude
And I’m not trying to be rude
But I’m at the dark side of the moon
Lost my mind
I’m a loon
Not changing that anytime soon
Rough riding
Over the sand dunes
Stirring up moon dust
With the rover
Take my problems head first
Hit the skull too hard might burst
But honestly what’s the worst that could happen
Just stay far from the gap and never jump to the dark side
Now it’s fight time
Straight up raider
From the dark side
Call me Vader
Add the moon to the equation
It’s no question I’d be Superman
Fly home to the dark side of the moon
Circle back and resume the attack
(Hey it’s your brain
Comin’ into your little mental equation
Patiently waiting
To give abrasions to your memories
And scrape away your past)
Hey! what if I wanted that
Bring it back
(I’m layin’ out all your little problems like thumb tacks)
Yeah I noticed that
I thought I lost you what happened
(No that was your sanity
Which you lost to your vanity
Lookin’ at yourself too long
You stared straight into the veins
It's your turn to endure the pain)
All that’s left now is nothing to gain
(See that’s what I mean
You don’t deserve that green
You make think you’re the mean machine
But who’s the one that has to clean up
All your mistakes)
In this life there are no retakes
No mulligan can bring me back from my hole
(Look at you man you’re on a role
All you need to find now is your soul)
But soul searchin ain’t my game
I had a different idea for my rise to fame
(Yeah good one
Add more self blame)
Look man you’re my brain
We’re the same
(Not since you left me
You’ve been renamed)

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