Try me

January 4, 2018


I used to be that girl who was shy
And gave up before she even try
One day someone gave me an advice
Which up til this day I hold to heart

You've got to get out of your comfort zone
Doesn't matter if you've got to do it alone
There is a beautiful world waiting outside
All you gotta do is push fear aside


Today I have the courage to say "try me"
I'm stronger than I've ever been
Stand up and say "try me"
Many fears I've overcome
Lots of battles I've won
I've destroyed my inner demon


Some will want to bring you down
And haters will try to steal your crown
Don't ever let them make you cry, cry
Instead, face them with your head held high

Don't let people walk all over ya, ya
Don't give 'em the please of seeing you frown
Yeah at times it can be hard, hard
But there is always a silver lining around


You've got to have the courage to stand up and say "try me"
Oh enemy, you've got no more power over me
So sick of all these bully
I stand up today and say "try me'
Battles I've won
Fears I've overcome
Come on, come on and try me

I was one that shy girl
And I'm now a confident individual
Whose has the courage to say "try me"

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