Ice and Fire

December 30, 2017

Ice and fire 

Existing together,

Without destroying  

Each other. 


Ice, frost, 

My soul lost. 

Fire, smoke,

My heart you evoke. 


"Lost, lost", whisper the trees

The eyes, the lips, the moon.

"Find,find",whisper's the wind 

The saving, the losing, the doom.


If I am ice and you are fire, 

Then who will destroy whom? 

My heart filled with desire,

My love; My salvation, my doom.   

The author's comments:

I wrote this because I was thinking about how two extremely opposite type of people get along so well and are so compatible to each other. Their relationships work even though it shouldn't. They just click together. Like ice and fire and they create something unbelieveably beautiful. I hope that people understand that we should not be judging anybody before getting to know them first. Also, most of the times in the turmoil of this world and our lives, we actually, fail to realize how much of us we lose at a point of time in our lives. I just want my poem to be read and realized and people rediscover themselves with it's help.Love people and yourself .

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