December 20, 2017
By LandisHP BRONZE, Tallmansville, West Virginia
LandisHP BRONZE, Tallmansville, West Virginia
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My mom was a cook for the country's Queen
And Dad was in the Copper mines
We barely got by with the money we had
Our living style was bad

Then one day that cable snapped
And down the shaft he went
They searched for dad for days and days
But we never saw him again

I was sold out by my addict parents
For their next big ol high
Sometimes I would just lie in bed
And begin to scream and cry

I lit the booze that was in our house
And up in smoke they went
The police ruled the fire as an accident
And I was a new orphan

I used to live in a slum in the South
Gettin tired of my daddy's mouth
He kicked me out, never saw him again
Then my solo journey began

I lived on the streets selling booze and drugs
Then I went to the state prison
A kind old soul paid for my way out
And I went to live with them

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