¨Never Coming Home¨

December 7, 2017
By Anonymous

They are only three and six

Growing up in a broken home
They think it's all their fault
But little do they know
It started way before them
It was even before me
Daddy do you have a cold?
Why do you keep sniffling your nose?
Mommy why don't you ever come home?
We just want you to tuck us in
Read us stories before bed
But she's too busy buying addy
Getting high, not coming home
Daddy goes to bars every night
He gets drunk and high
Then he comes home
Yelling, screaming through the house
So I tuck them in and help them sleep tonight

They are four and seven
Parents living in separate homes
First they lived with mommy
And that was a mistake
Mommy only feeds us dinner
Mommy has us sleep on the floor
Mommy keeps hitting my brother
Mommy sleeps all day
Mommy never takes us to school
There is no food in the house
Only bread on the floor
That the mice have been eating
And now they sleep on the floor
They don't have beds only a couch
But mommy sleeps on the couch
They got taken away from mommy
Why did I ever move away
I was the one who kept them safe

Now they are five and eight
Living with daddy
Mommy in and out of jail
Daddy still never home
I'm no longer there to tuck them in at night
So he dumps them at his parents
Grandpa, Grandma when is daddy coming home
I don't get to see them anymore
Daddy doesn't tell them the truth
Now they think that I'm just like them
They think I'm never coming home

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this piece by my past experiences and other things I have I have wittnessed family members struggle with.

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