Deep End

December 14, 2017
By AuxPyRose BRONZE, Sacramento, California
AuxPyRose BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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The first time I saw you I was thinking adventure
But you were Miss Perfect, couldn't avoid the pressure
Fake smiles could have been removed like you were wearing dentures
I got away to fall back, always a second guesser
Fell into the trap thinking about you when we weren’t together
Ambitious rookie of the year thinkin it would last forever
Then you left me abandoned, bodies on a stretcher
While you still playin princess, I got caught in the stormy weather

Reality fell on my shoulders, I was playing tetris
Stared the devil in her eyes, think I had a deathwish
Friends seeing the danger, calling the paramedics
Amputated that part of me, had to get prosthetics
No control but its there, like the masks you wear, its synthetic
The missing element annoys me, it doesn't match my aesthetic
It feels like I need you to be whole, like it's embedded
If you get lost in the void, there is no getting resurrected
You put yourself out there just to get deflected, Trojan horse of emotion, left yourself unprotected
Left looking at yourself, a personal detective, perspective changing, becoming counter reflective
She cut me into pieces, helicopter then ejected

Thrown across the waves, no life jacket, defenseless
She kept me in a mental barrier, Denzel with the fences
Then put me through a torture chamber of her own invention
I was trapped after hours like I was serving a detention
Heart stone cold, two seven three kelvin,

I was left thinking end day, just like Armagetton
Speeding through depression with a sticker saying viewer discretion.

The author's comments:

This is part of a song about hearbreak. My album is releasing next year, so here is a small preview. 

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