Drownin' in Shallow Water

December 17, 2017
By Brandon_Miles_Dew BRONZE, Martinsburg, West Virginia
Brandon_Miles_Dew BRONZE, Martinsburg, West Virginia
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Lace up and learn a lesson

While all I'm doing is pressin'

'Pplying pressure not even messin'

Dribbling down the court not even impressin'

Aggression, it's my blessin'

Pushin' through the crowd like I've got clinical depression

Thats what I call progression

Arms up, ball flyin' 

Absolutely gravity defying, they can't believe it, they're dyin'

It's like my feet are wings and their struggling to obey the law

That's just how I ball

I'm like Lonzo, but I don't fall

Standin' tall

Even the fans in concession are shocked, nothin' but awe, just jaw

Open, the hoop is dropping

Waitin for someone to start shootin'

But it's too late cuz, the ball's already commutin'.

Buzzer bings whilst I put on my new ring.

The author's comments:

Quite the banger

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