December 4, 2017
By JovonKF BRONZE, Lincoln, Nebraska
JovonKF BRONZE, Lincoln, Nebraska
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I tumble through this place in search for peace
I start picking myself up piece by piece
Starting with my thoughts and then with my head
I may start wishing that I were dead

My dump of emotions are such a mess
And there is one thing that I must confess
I fell in love when she wore that dress
And that’s why I was hoping she’d say yes

Her hair, those eyes, her everything
I felt lonely when she was not around
I tripped and drop my head to the ground
My heart like the leafs has started crunching

She told me no and began to leave
And this answer I could not believe
I start begging and wailing will you please?
But today I wore my heart on my sleeve

She turns back and says it’s not you it’s me
Water welled up in her eyes like the sea
So I paddle out across the hall
To see why she was crying at all

She did like me but her parents said no
And that is when I said I had to go
All I remember from on my way home
Was getting lost in this place I now roam

I come back to school next monday morning
Moping around like I was in mourning
I turned and saw her smiling face
And it brought me back from that miserable place

I rush to her but have nothing to say
I still want to be friends I said aloud
She turned and started to lean my way
Our lips met and now two is a crowd

The author's comments:

I wasn't inspired per say, but I wanted to wirite about something that most people can relate to and I wanted show people that rejection isn't the end of the world.

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