He Broke Her

November 9, 2017

Has this man of sin embarked

Upon her body innocent and unmarked

Has this woman of pious become lost

Through his words and abuse so sharp

Has she cried? Has she begged?

Dear officer, what do you think?

Do you see her pain, her coat stained red?

Dear officer, she fears to blink.

This requires justice, not a judge

He is evil, she is loved

But he clouds her ears and eyes with tears

He yells, she begs, is it not clear?

Now she fears what is between her legs

Now she fears what has been said

Now she fears all good-doing men

Because he has ruined her,

She's wrinkled, broken, scarred and bent.

Dear judge spare her pain

Cast this evil forever away

You have the justive, you have the power

Make him suffer till his last hour.

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