November 15, 2017

Am I searching for something
That I'll never find
They tell me to move on
Can't you see that I'm trying
He was he was he was
Everything to me
Is she still searching
For me and my love
Tell me she is and
She's not giving up
I need I need I need
Her to breathe
'Cause real love
Doesn't have an end
So how am I
Supposed to pretend
That what we have is gone
We've been done so long
Said that I was strong
But I'm still holding on
Wanna hit replay
And relive every day
That we were together
And we promised forever
If we could rewind
Back to the day
When you kissed my cheek
And you said that you'd stay
I guess the truth is
We've drifted away
Somewhere in the ocean
We're both out here hopin'
We don't drown
Don't let me drown
Stick around
Hold me down
I'm crying out
Praying he'll come
This water is freezing
My body is numb
I hope I hope I hope
He hears my call
Across the water
That's where she'll be
I hear her voice
It's calling out for me
I won't I won't I won't
Let her fall
'Cause real love
Doesn't have an end
So why don't we
Bring it back again
I see his silhouette
Swimming out to me
The closer he approaches
The closer I could see
That what we have is real
No matter what they say
So girl I'm coming to you
I won't let you drift away

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