The Flag

November 11, 2017
By Golden-Boy PLATINUM, Jeannette , Pennsylvania
Golden-Boy PLATINUM, Jeannette , Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"Oh sacred heart of Jesus, I have full trust in thee." - my grandmother told me that.

There you are in front of me
Soaring above my head
Where everyone can see
That this is our homestead

But in the past days
You're not respected
You’re trapped in a daze
Being inflected

During the anthem
Men take a knee
It’s part of their tantrum
Something that we don’t need

It’s getting more upsetting
No love for the stripes and stars
People are forgetting
How important you are

You’re not about racism
You’re not about politics
You’re not about socialism
You’re not about any of this

You symbolize many things
That represents our country
All the importance you bring
Dated back from history

You stand for freedom
All of us have rights
No matter where we came from
We can come with no invite

You stand for justice
Protecting the hurt
No crime will go un-notice
The law is on high alert

You stand for inspiration
Especially for our warriors
They fight for our nation
Protecting our borders

You stand for equality
Everyone is born equal
No one holds authority
And gives others bad labels

Most important
You stand for hope
You give encouragement
Inspiring us to cope

This is what you stand for
All of this is true
With magnificence you still soar
Showcasing the red, white, and blue

For those who don’t see you that way
They are blind and can’t see the view
No matter what they say
You have a great value

No matter what we go through
Your value will never depart
As I stand before you
With my hand on my heart

The author's comments:

The American flag is an important value to our community.

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