November 11, 2017
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Olivia was made from a leaf falling down,

but she knows where she goes.

She lost her parents in a nature's flaw,

but she knows where she flows.


Olivia, hey Olivia,

Do not give up!

Olivia, hey Olivia,

Only God knows when you'll be done!


She found her peace in the little things,

she saw a butterfly, I think a snake and she heard birds sing.

But, she also realized birds have a father, a mother,

they have someone they can play with. 


Olivia, hey Olivia,
Do not give up!
Olivia, hey Olivia,
Only your love can keep you up!


She thought she was sad until one day

when she saw a man laying on a rail way.

She asked "What are you doing here?

Why did you come here? 

What is it that makes you bring your life to the end?"


He said "It's not that I don't have a family,

it's just that I never felt related to anyplace"


Olivia, hey Olivia ...

Olivia, hey Olivia ...


But Olivia knows that you can't go to anywhere so alone,

because she knows there is no enchanted forest if you work alone.

But, she knows that within every human being 

there might be some bit of dark and glow.

 "So, stand up, my friend, I'll help you out

and then you help me to care on".

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