What Is Love?

October 6, 2017
By Clickbaitclicker BRONZE, Rockland, Massachusetts
Clickbaitclicker BRONZE, Rockland, Massachusetts
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What is love?
Is it the soft touch of a mother,
Who likes to hold you tight?
Is it the lovely sounding lullaby,
She sings to you at night?
What is love?
Is it the warmest hug you get,
From your baby brother?
You know he is your only one,
So treat him like no other.
What is love?
Is it the first crush you have,
thought you'd get married someday,
But you're just kids don't you know?
Your memories will fade away.
What is love?
Is it someone who found you in the dark,
Made you see again.
She shortly became so close to you
Slowly became your true best friend.
What is love?
Is it that guy you thought was everything,
Treated you like you were glass?
Broke you like you were
Just know that he's not the last.
What is love?
Is it that boy who wants one thing,
One thing only.
Could make a room filled with people,
Suddenly feel so lonely.
What is love?
Is it your first kiss
That rainy september night?
You cuddled in the movies
While he hugged and held you tight.
What is love?
Is it learning to love yourself
Before anyone else could
Or is it treating yourself right
Because nobody else would.

The author's comments:

This poem explores love in all forms with my personal experiences with finding the true meaning & how it is showed. Im still learning :)

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