The Past

October 26, 2017
By Deepa BRONZE, Bengaluru, Other
Deepa BRONZE, Bengaluru, Other
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When you pull me closer
I gaze into your eyes
Just to feel the guilt of letting go
Something called the past

As the sun dies every day
I find it harder to hold the present
The past is pulling me back into it
Though I try to wipe it clean

Each time you talk about us
Remembers me of someone I left behind
The abandoned memories still lie beneath
It’s a shame I couldn’t get rid of them

The time is crushing me
I try to convince myself
I love you and I hate him
But it always sounds the other way

The author's comments:

This piece was imaginary and nothing directly related to me. But yes, indirectly related to me. I have seen people around me have a difficulty in moving on when the relationships turn bad. So i think this work would help them make a right decision.

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