The End

October 21, 2017
By Katie_Poirier BRONZE, Destrehan, Louisiana
Katie_Poirier BRONZE, Destrehan, Louisiana
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Walking down the aisle
With 260 close friends
All in caps and gowns
It’s finally the end

It feels like just yesterday
We were so excited for our first day
Filled with new friends
And waiting for recess so we could play

Screaming and jumping so much
Getting headaches from the pep rally
Hoping we were the loudest
And looking at the spirit point tally

Going to football games
With a face full of paint
Surrounded by tired students
With no need to concentrate

Weekends with friends
Hanging out with “lunch groups”
Having sleepovers with no sleep
And eating Froot Loops

Homecomings and proms
Getting hair and makeup done
My mom saying
“Wow, you look beautiful, hon”

Eating gross school lunch
Seriously what is this?
Whoever thought
It would be something I would miss?

My part-time job
That I dread going to
If I’ve been wanting to move on
Then why am I so blue?

Moments full of laughter
And some full of tears
Now are all just memories
Distracting us from our fears

They always say “it’s over before you know it”
I thought they were kidding
Some weeks felt like years
But now it’s time for a new beginning

It feels like just yesterday
We were doing everything for the first time
The class of 2020
Was at the bottom of the vine

We are finally seniors
We’ve risen to the top
I say “finally”
But I really just want it to stop

I’ve been waiting for this
And it’s finally here
But how have all these years
Simply disappeared

Walking down the aisle
With 260 close friends
All in caps and gowns
I guess this is the end

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