Politically Piped

October 16, 2017
By Pilli SILVER, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Pilli SILVER, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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Cheap sales of inefficient liquids
Keep my inventory organized and listed
Im gifted, in sales and know everything of caution
If I wasn't I would have to put up lil bro for adoption

Brother, Mother Sister they all need support
To help them i'll cut my education short
Politicians distort who I am
And call a young boy a criminal
While citing scripture and act like their biblical
They’ll take me to court and lie about my intentions
When at home they weren’t aware of all of  the tension
Intervention, is all I needed or I wouldn’t sell the junk

But my daddy's a drunk,
our finances have shrunk
And I sure ain't no punk

So I put on the pants, that were dusty in the closet
Never let my eyes shed water like a faucet
But this is survival not a dime in my pocket
Business was flawless can show off receipts
Bills not a worry, the whole family eats
Payed off the lease, No worry for eviction
But f***, when things go good, here comes conviction

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