October 4, 2017
By HannahFreetage GOLD, Hemet, California
HannahFreetage GOLD, Hemet, California
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I know they say that life gets better
And the see our hearts together
But they don’t see the broken parts of me
Living in a broken home
I’m praying for an empty soul
And I finally believe that it’s all a conspiracy
Sitting in a sheltered room
Never knowing who’s next in the tomb
And I finally believe
Life waits for me to give up
Stop trying for something you’ll never be able to get
I don’t care if it’s all about love or hope that’ll reign on
I’ve seen everything in life that I want to see
And I yeah, I want out of all this misery
Stop spreading your filthy lies
You’re filling up the world with faulty lullabies
I believed that life would be simple
It came in tens and threatened to rip me into shreds
Tell me that pain isn’t real
Tell me this is all one big nightmare
I don’t want to see what’s lying right behind me
I don’t ever want to feel again

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