The Feeling

September 29, 2017
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Verse 1:
I saw you moving that night
On the dance floor
You put my mind into a blitz
And gave me feelings I never had before
You gave me your name and I gave you mine
Then you held my hand and it was divine

We started to waltz underneath the chandelier
In this moment it seemed like the future was clear

I pictured two hearts moving to the beat of our song
I remember when we said that this would continue everlong
You gave me the feeling that we were never growing old
But I suppose you weren't the right one after all

Verse 2:
Stars so bright and big spotlights
Couldn't outshine your glow
Even though you hardly spoke
You were the star of the show
The applause broke out, you took a bow
And I thought there was no one that was going to stop us now

Prechorus 2:
I threw you a rose and you caught it in your mouth
It made made me feel like the future wasn't in doubt

I don't understand why you went that way
I don't care what your friends have to say
Because everyone has their side of the story
But resentment is not the way to glory

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