September 28, 2017
By ElonMusk SILVER, Cambridge, Massachusetts
ElonMusk SILVER, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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Trapped up in my thoughts
My trap pushing doubt
Happiness, there’s a drought
Run it up, before you run your mouth
Sippin on mud, dirty south
Mama I just wanna make you proud
I don’t show or get the respect I need
Head hanging like I’m dangling from a tree
Of my enemies, I’m the worst stopping me
Be free, be free
Take flight and leave your restraints
I’ll provide you the key
Always remember
To never settle
Iced out like december
Burn as hot as an ember
Mix the pot as you learned
Shoot the shot you have earned
No one will hold you back
Don't be afraid to kill for the stacks
Your misery ain't all white or black

I have told you what I know
You must be bold for show
No longer can you be slow
You must think on your own
Act accordingly
Cuz you are bad to the bone

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