Goodbye Happiness (Hello Sadness)

September 27, 2017
By DarkRayne PLATINUM, Garden City, Idaho
DarkRayne PLATINUM, Garden City, Idaho
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Goodbye happiness,
Fun while it lasted,
Hello sadness,
I’ve been outcasted,
I’ll never be happy,
You see,
I’ll never be me,
I guess it’s just me,
I’ll never forget what you did,
My sweet happiness,
Forever and ever you forbid,
Bringing my sadness,
Goodbye happiness,
Fun, but outlasted,
Hello sadness,
Hung and masted,
Dreaming of blizzard,
Dreaming of hurricane,
Dreaming of withered,
Dreaming of hate again,
Nobody cares,
Nobody minds,
Nobody dares,
And nobody finds

The author's comments:

This one is devoted for all of you who believe happiness is an absense in your void, well believe me, its still there.

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