Grandpa's Hands

September 27, 2017
By SarahMIller66 BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
SarahMIller66 BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
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Grandpa's Hands
Calloused palms, a missing thumb, dirty fingernails
Rough like the stubble on his chin
Dirty as his boots
Hands that wipe tears away, but won't hesitate to spank a little one when they have wronged
Grandpa’s Hands
Shaking the Earth with each movement
Angry fingerprints smudged with dirt
Hands that teach his children morals and how to change a tire
Nails that resemble nails; holding things together
Grandpa's Hands 
Weak when the cancer struck
Pale when the chemotherapy began
Shaky with every dose of radiation
Blue when the freezer of winter slammed shut
Grandpa's Hands
Finger tips and cancer thawing with the winter as spring pushed through
Grazing the back of a horse and baling hay once again
Callouses returning with each passing day
Strength, resilience, knowledge and family tradition defined by hands  
Grandpa's Hands

The author's comments:

This piece was inspired by my Grandfathers battle with cancer, and the realization of how important he was to our family. 

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