September 8, 2017

I try to push it back deep inside my mind
Till my anxieties are forever trapped inside
I'm beginning to crack and I don't like the state I'm in
Please can someone lend a helping hand

I'm on edge
Anxiety's at it's max
I can't breathe
Thoughts racing through my head
I think I'm just a little paranoid

Sometimes I get so lost in time I forgot who I am
Here we go again this feeling never ends
What's gonna happen next I'm so petrified
I'm running from myself for the very last time

Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me
And my thoughts are overwhelming me again
I contemplate every little thing
And I know I'm not alright

I think I'm just a little
My shrink told me I'm a little
I know without a doubt I'm paranoid

The author's comments:

My inspiration came from a song called Basket Case by Green Day. I really felt like I connected with this song.

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