September 3, 2017
By HannahFreetage SILVER, Hemet, California
HannahFreetage SILVER, Hemet, California
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I’m so broken beyond fixing and repair.
I’m so broken, yet nobody cares.
It’s the feeling that never goes away
The one that’s inside you that’s driving you insane
When the pain hits your heart
It almost feels like enough to tear you apart.
Sitting in the dark
With nothing but your thoughts to completely rip you apart.
And a burning desire that’s saying pull the trigger
And somehow, I feel like God isn’t bigger
I’m burning in a world full of fire
And I’m sitting in a place where the angels never sing
I hear you screaming my name
Yet it always just feels the same
Who was I fooling I was always a mess
With these feelings inside me telling me to give it a rest
It was always that pain in my chest
Never going away and leading me astray
Causing me to fall behind and watch everybody live out their happiness
I never was a fan of feeling alone
Yet somehow, I became part of the show
Sitting alone in a lonely room
Thinking why did God leave me behind
To die
Forever alone with no hope
This is how it ends

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