The One Eternal Constant

August 3, 2017

?Verse 1

?So many variables in life

Nothing ever doesn't change

The trends, the news, and others

Just never stay the same

I worry about things

That keep changing in this place

I just can't keep up with them

Can't keep up with their quick pace



?Through all the variables of this life

One thing is always true

Though things will come and go away

The eternal constant's you


?Verse 2

?There is a place where I can go

Where things are always true

You've loced us through the centuries Lord

The eternal constant's you

So instead of trying to keep up with

The variables that cause me strife

I'll focus on the one who's always

There when I need life



?Verse 3

?So whatever changes in the world

There is some certainty

I know that God will always be

His love has set me free

Instead of wasting time

Chasing all these things around

I'll focus on your love for me

That never lets me down


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