Dreams (City in the Sky)

July 15, 2017
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(Verse 1)

We'll live forever, me and you

A place for just you and I

A place where the sky is always blue

We'll live in the city in the sky

Where the grass is always green

And the flowers are everywhere

Let's go to this city unseen

Where we'll live without a worry or care



We'll live in the city in the sky

We'll have a kingdon of our own

We'll live this phantom in our minds

Before reality kicks us home


(Verse 2)

Remember this childhood of ours

Filled with dreams never to be fullfilled

But now we've grown into a world of sorrow

And all our dreams have been killed

So tell me when will this torture end?

When can we be children again

When will our dreams mend

When can we live in a world of our making





Dear, let's escape together

Let's live forever

A place for just you and I

Our own city in the sky


(Chorus x2 2nd time fade away)

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