A Real Love Story (Duet)

July 7, 2017
By Ally7887 GOLD, Sterling Heights, Michigan
Ally7887 GOLD, Sterling Heights, Michigan
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Girl: You make me feel like life cant bring me down, you make me see what i never saw. Youre the one to fix me all the way, no matter what, you know just what to say.

Boy: You make my life better with everything you do. Through it all i always will love you. Everyday gets better when i see your face. You make me blush and get all teary eyed. i always know you are by my side.

Girl Chorus: Its a real love story that im trying to tell you, it fills my heart with joy. He makes me smile no matter how i feel. i dont know what i would do without him

Boy Chorus: This is a real love story that im trying to tell you, everyday im always thinkung about you. Her light shines brighter than the sun. i would never replace her for anyone.

Boy: You are always there when i need you the most. With a hug, kiss, talk and anything else. you bring color to my monochrome life. who wouldve thought i would meet someone as great as you. i really hope you always will love me too.

Girl: You are my muse, you inspire me the most. As you walk, talk, sing and be yourself. you bring my dreams in to real life. who wouldve thought someone could be so bright. i really hope you will stay and grow with me. 

Boy Chorus

Girl Chorus

Both: The real love story that we're trying to tell you is that we are meant to be. We never change anything, all we need is each other. Now you know our story, so go live your own. We Love You.

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