The Love of the Galaxy

July 7, 2017
By Ally7887 GOLD, Sterling Heights, Michigan
Ally7887 GOLD, Sterling Heights, Michigan
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Every bad experience leads to something better, so why stress on all of the bad things when you can just enjoy every day for what it is?

They always tell me what to do. Bring this, bring me that. Always think happy thoughts. Never doubt who you are, reach for the stars and dont give up. i try to listen but i dont understand whta they want me to do, its not like when i listen to you. you make me say...

Chorus: Put me in a rocket, shoot me to space. i will chase you anywhere you go. Show me your love, i will cover my blush. i love you more than the whole galaxy. You bring me joy, you made me believe. That i am not the only one, who reaches out to who they love and risk anything for them.

Through it all, we all know life is tough. At some point we want to give up. Usually there's someone there for you. Telling you what to do, they want you to believe in yourself. They make you say...


Give me your hand, i will give you my heart. Be careful, not to break it. Im trusting you with all my love, i dont want to be hurt. But no matter what, everyone knows i will always love you. Because everyday you open my eyes and make me say...

Chorus X2

Life may be tough, and you may always be bossed around. But dont let them get to you. Love yourself, and believe in all the great things you have. Everything will turn out all right. Just remember who you have on your side, they will bring you back to life and make you say.


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