The Nightmare That Came True

June 17, 2017
By hannahraky PLATINUM, Plano, Texas
hannahraky PLATINUM, Plano, Texas
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Feelings don't last, but life always will.

I had a dream.

We were alive,

Except for one young man,

He was dying inside.

There comes a day

When the imperfect world breaks down,

And we have to dig ourselves right into the ground.

The young man shouts,

"This isn't what I want!"

He runs away

Just to put his goggles on.

He comes back in a flash

With his protected eyes,

So nobody could see

He wasn't going to cry.

The young man is dying,

He's chewing on a thorn,

But not once does he seem

Just a little bit forlorn.

He is torn.

"Stop hiding,"

He is told.

He says,

"No, you see.

These goggles don't hurt,

They're protecting me."

Nobody believes him.

They unmask his face,

And see

He's not crying for the human race.

I wake up in a flash

And I know this day is mine to keep,

But I know this young man is not okay,

And I start to weep.

The author's comments:

This poem is a dream that I had, but sadly, it represents a true story.

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