Dangerous Love

June 16, 2017
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She dangerously loved him.
He made her feel loved,
The love she felt when she couldn’t get enough of him,
the love she feels when all she wanted to do was talk to him and hear his voice,
He was her lullaby.
She’s never felt this way before,
This strong feeling that she can’t be away from him for more than 5 seconds,
She couldn’t breath without him,
She felt her world closing in on her every time she thought of not being able to speak to him.
The love she felt for him was the love most people would kill for.
Some would kill to have a young, carefree,
kind, full of heart girl love them with all her heart.
When she loves you,
your happiness is first,
your everything- is first.
She would die for him,
she would kill for him,
just to make him love her the same way she loved him,
but they could never love each other outside of their phone calls,
and messages.
He was a tall kind hearted white man and she was a sweet black woman and that was forbidden.
She saw his color,
she knew he was white she just didn’t care,
but let her come home and tell daddy this man looks nothing like you,
and she wouldn’t come out alive.
Let him go home to mama and say mom I found the love of my life,
my wife,
but she’s different from you,
not just personality but mama she’s black and she’s afraid they would lynch her to her death.
Who would want to stop a love so strong,
so powerful.
When they walked in a room you could feel their love radiating off of eachother, everyone,
and she means everyone hated that,
they hated to see a cute white man loving on a as they call her “N*****”,
but she didn’t care because when you come across this knee weakening love you don’t leave,
you would rather die than give up on this love because it’s worth it.
She didn’t think those females hated her because she was black-
well that wasn’t their only reason,
but they hated her because she found the love that can shock the world,
When they see how much love they have for one another.
They loved to hate her,
and she loved the hate they gave her because that meant she had something they would never have,
they wanted what she had,
and it felt amazing to have something that they envied.
She’s always envied them
and they made sure that she suffered
knowing that she was the odd one out that
she would never find that love that they thought they had.

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