A Mother True

June 18, 2017
By Soremocha SILVER, West Jordan, Utah
Soremocha SILVER, West Jordan, Utah
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My child, it’s time for bed
Go to sleep now, rest your head
In the morning, the flowers that have bloomed
will peer through the window to greet you
Lay down, my child, I’ll tuck you in
It is time your slumber to begin
Safe and sound here in your room, if scary dreams invade, I will comfort you
Don’t you cry now, you’re perfectly safe, because in the night I’m partially awake
No, there isn’t anything I would not do, I’ll always keep you safe because I am a mother true
No matter what, I’ll keep you safe because I am a mother true
I do these thing for you, for I am a mother true

The author's comments:

This is a lulaby I came up with for a scary short story I'm writing called "Into the Core" which I plan to submit after I'm done writing, editing, and receiving my mother's feedback on it. I also gave a copy of the lullaby to my mother as a father's day present, because I do not have a dad in my house. Just moms. Very wonderful moms who would do exactly what I wrote in the poem. Let's give it up for the mothers of the world.

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