Beauty Thus (SAMPLE)

May 25, 2017
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Gotta come back,
So I can relive,
Trapped in black,
At least I live,
Talking smack,
I arrive,
To be a lack,
This calamity,
Im aware,
Of insanity,
Yes I dare,
To be thrown down,
And cast away,
Smiles upside down,
Every day,
This struggle I face,
There is a purpose to pain,
Im a great disgrace,
I should fall with all rain,
What have I become,
A victim of your pride,
Im not solemn,
Something inside has died,
And I cant come back,
I don’t want to,
Im a glass with crack,
Because of you,

I grew up a man this way,
I won’t take it,
Beauty thus cast me away,
So I wont make it,
Don’t worry darling,
Ill be home someday,
I didn’t forget my ring,
Your in my heart all day,

Cause inside my lies,
You know im fictional,
I wont rise,
I don’t love myself at all,
Because I caused myself,
All the grief that affects you,
You should worry yourself,
Because ill ruin what I do,
I know I wont be here,
Now ill say goodbye,
My dear,
You see the tear upon my eye

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