My Dad

June 6, 2017
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Day after day I wake up
Hoping someday you’ll grow up
Praying that maybe one day
I'll have a dad that's on the same page
Hang on the future is calling
Haha she said not today
I guess i’ll just wait till tomorrow
But till then i’ll just pray and pray
That maybe someday
You will see the side of me that says
Woah dad just back off of me
I sick and tired of sitting here
Throwing words at you
That don’t mean a go****n thing to you
I may be only 14 but I am old enough to know
That people like you are pretty much screwed
And your sense of awareness is pretty bad too
Just cause you're an adult doesn’t mean you know everything
You may know who to trash talk your ex into doing many things
But besides that you’re clueless fool
Look at the world around you
Actually look at the people right in front of you
Who actually give a damn about you
So quit thinking mom screwed you over
The only person who’s screwing people is you
You always get mad at the things I say
But the difference between me and you
Is that everything I say is very true
Unlike you
Who is constantly saying things that are just not true

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