June 2, 2017
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I understand,
I know how it feels,
That pain gut feeling,
When something bad happens.

That longing for a difference,
Or just a different grade in school,
I understand,
I was there too.

My sister says,
She understands as well,
But she hasn't been there,
How can she tell?

She can imagine,
That is her thing,
She smiles and goes along,
She has only happy to bring.

I can do it too,
Only I know how it feels.
When you are feeling blue,
Upset with something in life.

I understand,
She can imagine.
Yet we are both twins,
Making others happy is our passion.

We both smile,
And cheer someone up.
Or make someone hopeful,
When they think they have no luck.

It’s easy to see us,
Yet hard to tell us apart.
People get our names mixed up,
Because we are the same at heart.

We are not tangible,
As you can probably tell,
But just two emotions,
sympathy and empathy.

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