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May 26, 2017
By Daxxter BRONZE, Hayward, California
Daxxter BRONZE, Hayward, California
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But there is a life beyond mines
Many people going  through the hard times
Thinking bout the people put in the penitentiary
Only been a couple years but it feels like a century

And then another brother dead 
They wasn't aiming for his chest they were aiming for the head
Police then just left him in the bloodshed
My mom told me that night, I couldn't go to bed

Thought about  my cousin he was two
  Born days after his dad that he  never knew
I didn't even know what to do
All I did was always trying to change the mood

Grew up a kid that got bullied a lot
always the main one, still a struggle to hit the top
Always tried to find a way to try to make it stop
But always got put on the spot

But if these challenges weren't here then I would be a changed man
Try to help my brothas and sistahs the best I can
Learn to have faith in one another
because when you really think about it, we are just brothers from another mother

Prayed to god hoping for  forgiveness
Always hoping that you would listen
Hoping not to be a kid that would not go missing
Just a dreamer that was always wishing
Still praying to god to not be buried 6 feet deep
Life is a mountain to climb but it still gets too steep
That Experience changes  lives 


The author's comments:

My piece is just a reflection on loved ones ive lost

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